The Kollektiv (English: Shared apartment) is the apartment where Noora Amalie Sætre and Isak Valtersen live in Season 2, Season 3 and Season 4 along with Eskild Tryggvason and Linn Larsen Hansen.


Season Two

The Kollektiv was introduced in Season 2 through Noora's storyline. It was shown that she has two roommates: Eskild Tryggvason and Linn Larsen Hansen. Noora's friends and William Magnusson have all visited the Kollektiv throughout the second season. In the finale it is revealed Isak has been living in the basement of the Kollektiv after Eskild brought him home one night.

Season Three

In Season 3 Isak moves into Noora's old room. In episode 3 he hosts a pre-game there, and in episode 4, he invites Emma W. Larzen, Even Bech Næsheim and Sonja over for a halloween pre-game. Isak's friends and his boyfriend all visit the Kollektiv at some point, during the third season.

Season Four

Isak lives in the Kollektiv until season 4, where he and Even move together in a different apartment.

In the final episode, Eskild suggests that William should move into the Kollektiv




Notes and Trivia

  • The Kollektiv's fictional location (as seen in 2x11) is in Deichmans Gate, although exterior shots of Rosteds gate are also frequently shown to introduce a scene at the Kollektiv.
  • Most of the interior filming location is an actual aparment, like most locations on the show. Noora's/Isak's room was filmed in a studio.
  • The Kollektiv have a groupchat (Kollektivet) to discuss household matters like groceries.


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