Skam Italia is the Italian international remake of Norwegian Skam.

Series Format

Skam Italia follows the same set-up as the original series in where short clips are released throughout the week as well as social media posts and text message conversations.


A Italian adaptation was confirmed along with German, French, Spanish and Dutch versions by The Hollywood Reporter in October 2017.[1] They also confirmed that series would be released on TIMvision.

Filming for the first season began in October 2017[2] and was completed December 2.[3] On March 9, 2018, the first trailer was released for the season revealing the premiere date for the first clip which would be March 23.[4] A countdown was also added to the website counting done to that date.[5] The first episode premiered on March 29, 2018, making it the third remake to be released. Since TIMvision is a premium streaming service clips where only viewable to the public for one hour,[6] and afterwards could only be seen by TIMvision subscribers (This method of distribution was also used for Season 2).

In June 2018, the series was renewed for a second and third season.[7] Filming began on June 19[8] and was completed around the end of July.[9] On July 2, 2018 it was confirmed that the Season 2 main would be Martino,[10] diverging from the original series as Martino's counterpart Isak was the main for Season 3. The first teaser trailer for the season was released September 16[11] which revealed the season's first clip's premiere date, October 5, 2018. A second trailer was released 11 days later.[12] The first episode was released on October 12 exclusively to TIMvision subscribers, two days later it was released for public viewing on the Skam Italia site.

Filming for Season 3 began in October 2018[13] and was completed around December.[14] Because this season's production overlapped with Season 2 airing, the series' main director, Ludovico Bessegato was unable to commit due to be to busy so production was given to Ludovico Di Martino. A teaser for the season was released on March 9, 2019[15] confirming the release date of the first clip to be March 11. A second trailer was released a few days later on March 7.[16] Once the first clip was released, it was revealed that all the clips and episodes would be only available on TIMvision.[17]

On July 21, 2019, series showrunner Ludovico Bessegato expressed concerned that Skam Italia would be getting a fourth season in an interview.[18] On August 7, he posted an Instagram story indicting bad news and expressed gratitude towards all the cast and crew of the series.[19] It was subsequently confirmed that Skam Italia would not be returning and had been cancelled by TIMvision.[20] However, in October rumors started to circulate that the fourth season had started filming meaning that the cancelation had been reversed.[21] About week later in November, it was seemingly confirmed that the series will be returning as one of the actors, Massimo Reale posted on set pictures on his Facebook profile with the caption "Skam 4." Featured in the photos were Ludovico Tersigni, Francesco Centorame, Federico Cesari and Nicolas Zerbini as well a video monitor (featuring Beatrice Bruschi) in the background of one of the pictures.[22] In December 2019, Netflix Italy revealed that the first three season will be avaliable on January 1, 2020 and that Season 4 will be released at later date in 2020.[23] On April 17, it was announced that all episodes of season 4 would be released on May 15, 2020 on Netflix Italy and TIMvision. The final episode contains the POVs of different characters: Silvia, Luca, Giovanni, Niccolò, Filippo, Elia.


Character Actor Basis Instagram Seasons
1 2 3 4
Eva Brighi Ludovica Martino Eva Kviig Mohn evabrighi Central Main
Martino Rametta Federico Cesari Isak Valtersen martino.rametta Main Central Recurring Main
Eleonora Sava Benedetta Gargari Noora Amalie Sætre eleonora.sava00 Main Guest Central Guest
Sana Allagui Beatrice Bruschi Sana Bakkoush sana.allagui00 Main Central
Giovanni Garau Ludovico Tersigni Jonas Vasquez garau.giogio Main Recurring Main[24]
Silvia Mirabella Greta Ragusa Vilde Lien Hellerud silvietta.sil Main Recurring Main[25]
Federica Cacciotti Martina Lelio Chris Berg fede.cacciotti Main Recurring Main[26]
Niccolò Fares Rocco Fasano Even Bech Næsheim N/A N/A Main Recurring Main[27]
Elia Santini Francesco Centorame Elias eliasantinii Recurring Main Guest Main[28]
Mahdi Disi
Luca Colosio Nicholas Zerbini Magnus Fossbakken N/A N/A Main Guest Main[29]
Edoardo Incanti Giancarlo Commare William Magnusson edincanti Recurring Guest Main Guest
Filippo Sava Pietro Turano Eskild Tryggvasson N/A N/A Recurring Main Recurring[30]
Malik Doueiri Mehdi Meskar Yousef Acar malikdoue N/A Main
Rami Allagui Ibrahim Keshk Elias Bakkoush N/A N/A Main
Federico Canegallo Luca Grispini Christoffer Schistad federicocanegallo Recurring Guest Recurring Guest
Laura Pandakovic Nina Fotaras Ingrid Theis Gaupseth aurakovic Recurring Guest Recurring
Sara Andrea Luna Posocco Sara Nørstelien N/A Recurring Guest Recurring
Emma Covitti Martina Gatti Emma W. Larzen emma.covit[31] N/A Recurring Guest Recurring
Maddalena Marina Occhionero Sonja N/A N/A Recurring N/A
Andrea Incanti Mauro Lamanna Nikolai Magnusson andrea.incanti [32] N/A Recurring N/A
Marta Martina Querini Mari Aspeflaten marta.molino97 [33] N/A Recurring N/A
Luai Ryan Daroui Mikael Øverlie Boukhal N/A N/A Recurring
Driss Danial Daroui Adam Malik N/A N/A Recurring
Mutasim Tatouti
Maryam Sonia Amini Jamilla Bikarim N/A N/A Recurring
Medja Somaia Taha Ebrahim Halawa N/A N/A Recurring
Carlotta Alice Luvisoni [34] N/A N/A Recurring
Chicco Rodi Lorenzo Vigevano [35] N/A Guest Recurring
Sofia Julia Wujkowska Dance Chicks N/A N/A Guest
Alice Giulia Schiavo Iben Sandberg N/A Guest N/A


Season One
# Image Title Duration Original airdate
1 Episodio 1.jpg "Sembri una pu***na"
(English: You look like a wh*re)
22 min March 29, 2018
Clip: Vergogna (Venerdì 13:20). Online (Sabato 20:23). Quale festa? (Lunedì 12:07). Psicomatta (Martedì 07:51). Pu***na (Mercoledì 22:01).

Clips: Shame (Friday 1:20pm). Online (Saturday 8:23pm). What party? (Monday 12:07pm). Psycho-crazy (Tuesday 7:51am). Wh*re (Wednesday 10:01pm).

2 Episodio 2.jpg "Sei uno str***o"
(English: You're an a**hole)
20 min April 4, 2018
Clip: Promessa (Venerdì 21:12). Ste Porcate (Sabato 14:43). Obbligo o verità (Domenica 11:17). Calcutta (Lunedì 17:36). 9 Gradi (Lunedì 21:45). St***zo (Martedì 09:18).

Clips: Promise (Friday 9:12pm). These dirty things (Saturday 2:43pm). Truth or dare (Sunday 11:17am). Calcutta (Monday 5:36pm). 9 degrees (Monday 9:45pm). A**hole (Tuesday 9:18am).

3 Episodio 3.jpg "Una festa in cui nessuno ti vuole"
(English: A party where nobody wants you)
22 min April 14, 2018
Clip: 100% (Venerdì 21:52). Like (Sabato 15:58). Te ne vai? (Lunedì 13:15). Venerdì sera? (Martedì 12:03). Attentato (Giovedì 12:10). Sulla lista (Venerdì 20:17).

Clips: 100% (Friday 9:52pm). Like (Saturday 3:58pm). Are you going? (Monday 1:15pm). Friday night? (Tuesday 12:03pm). Attack (Thursday 12:10pm). On the list (Friday 8:17pm).

4 Episodio 4.jpg "Il tuo ragazzo lo sa che ci scriviamo?"
(English: Does your boyfriend know we text each other?)
22 min April 20, 2018
Clip: Dovrei lasciarti (Lunedì 17:35). Edoardo (Martedì 14:12). Stalker (Mercoledì 14:20). Freg(e)ne (Giovedì 15:20). Salsicce (Venerdì 20:27).

Clips: I should leave you (Monday 5:35pm). Edoardo (Tuesday 2:12pm). Stalker (Wednesday 2:20pm). Freg(e)ne (Thursday 3:20pm). Sausages (Friday 8:27pm).

5 Episodio 5.jpg "Cosa ti eccita?"
(English: What turns you on?)
22 min April 28, 2018
Clip: Non me ne frega niente (Sabato 15:58). Pillola (Lunedì 13:20). Ho un ragazzo (Mercoledì 11:45). Preservativo (Giovedì 14:15). Mi farà male? (Sabato 19:47).

Clips: I don’t care (Saturday 3:58pm). Pill (Monday 1:20pm). I have a boyfriend (Wednesday 11:45am). Condom (Thursday 2:15pm). Will it hurt? (Saturday 7:47pm).

6 Episodio 6.jpg "Laura mi ha detto tutto"
(English: Laura told me everything)
25 min May 5, 2018
Clip: Paranoia (Martedì 15:42). Starnuto (Mercoledì 13:22). Mi stai lasciando? (Giovedì 18:32). Sei scema? (Venerdì 10:13). Diciottesimo (Sabato 21:45). Ti fidi di me? (Sabato 23:13).

Clips: Paranoia (Tuesday 3:42pm). Sneeze (Wednesday 1:22pm). Are you leaving me? (Thursday 6:32pm). Are you stupid? (Friday 10:13am). Eighteenth (Saturday 9:45pm). Do you trust me? (Saturday 11:13pm).

7 Episodio 7.jpg "Ho fatto un casino"
(English: I made a mess)
23 min May 11, 2018
Clip: Il panico (Lunedì 10:06). Un casino (Lunedì 16:40). Muro (Martedì 12:10). Marijuana (Mercoledì 15:24). Bella persona (Giovedì 14:40). Troia (Venerdì 13:20).

Clips: Panic (Monday 10:06am). A mess (Monday 4:30pm). Wall (Tuesday 12:10pm). Marijuana (Wednesday 3:24pm). Nice person (Thursday 2:40pm). Slut (Friday 1:20pm).

8 Episodio 8.jpg "Lo sanno tutti a scuola"
(English: Everyone knows at school)
23 min May 18, 2018
Clip: Non mi cercare (Sabato 11:32). Una vecchia storia (Lunedì 10:05). Ansie (Martedì 13:15). Avversari (Mercoledì 13:42). Colpa mia (Giovedì 16:57). Passaggio (Venerdì 07:58).

Clips: Don’t look for me (Saturday 11:32am). An old story (Monday 10:05am). Anxieties (Tuesday 1:15pm). Opponents (Wednesday 1:42pm). My fault (Thursday 4:57pm). Ride (Friday 7:58am).

9 Episodio 9.jpg "Se vi faccio a tutti così schifo"
(English: If you all hate me so much)
21 min May 25, 2018
Clip: Quello che so io (Lunedì 15:00). Bannate (Martedì 14:43). Scialla (Mercoledì 13:30). Ippogrifo (Giovedì 14:03). Lasciami vivere (Venerdì 13:15).

Clips: What I know (Monday 3:00pm). Banned (Tuesday 2:43pm). Keep calm (Wednesday 1:30pm). Hippogriff (Thursday 2:03pm). Let me live (Friday 1:15pm).

10 Episodio 10.jpg "Perché mi hai fatto una cosa del genere?"
(English: Why did you do something like that to me?)
19 min June 1, 2018
Clip: Sbroccato (Sabato 11:20). Mi odiano (Lunedì 10:15). Imbarazzo (Martedì 11:58). Serata Alcolica (Mercoledì 07:36). Casa libera (Venerdì 21:35).

Clips: Lashed out (Saturday 11:20am). They hate me (Monday 10:15am). Embarassment (Tuesday 11:58am). Alcoholic evening (Wednesday 7:36am). Free house (Friday 9:35pm).

11 Episodio 11.jpg "Una scelta stupida"
(English: A stupid choice)
29 min June 8, 2018
Clip: Amiche (Sabato 11:23). Bellissima (Lunedì 12:03). Incinta (Martedì 14:23). Psicopatico (Mercoledì 16:45). In silenzio (Giovedì 14:05). I migliori anni (Venerdì 21:34).

Clips: Girl friends (Saturday 11:23am). Beautiful (Monday 12:03). Pregnant (Tuesday 2:23pm). Psychopath (Wednesday 4:45pm). In silence (Thursday 2:05pm). The best years (Friday 9:34pm).

Season Two
# Image Title Duration Original airdate
1 Stagione 2 Episodio 1.jpg "Non ti ho mai visto"
(English: I've never seen you)
37 min October 12, 2018 (TIMvision)
October 15, 2018 (public)
Clip: Illegale (Venerdì 22:37). Svegli (Sabato 11:32). Pirulo (Lunedì 13:02). Idiota (Mercoledì 12:12). Radio Osvaldo (Giovedì 17:41).

Clips: Illegal (Friday 10:37pm). Awake (Saturday 11:32am). Thingy (Monday 1:02pm). Idiot (Wednesday 12:12pm). Radio Osvaldo (Thursday 5:41pm).

2 Stagione 2 Episodio 2.jpg "Nessun risultato"
(English: No result)
31 min October 20, 2018 (TIMvision)
October 22, 2018 (public)
Clip: Superdotati (Sabato 23:18). Mani in Pasta (Lunedì 13:14). Niccolò (Martedì 11:55). Concerti (Giovedì 21:17). Tabasco (Venerdì 14:09).

Clips: Extremely gifted (Saturday 11:18pm). Fingers in the pie (Monday 1:14pm). Niccolò (Tuesday 11:55am). Concerts (Thursday 9:17pm). Tabasco (Friday 2:09pm).

3 Stagione 2 Episodio 3.jpg "Virilità"
(English: Manhood)
23 min October 27, 2018 (TIMvision)
October 29, 2018 (public)
Clip: Punizione (Sabato 15:09). Eterosessuale (Lunedì 19:45). Verrai con Me (Martedì 14:32). Argentina (Mercoledì 14:09). Ammucchiate (Venerdì 22:14).

Clips: Punishment (Saturday 3:09pm). Heterosexual (Monday 7:45pm). You’ll come with me (Tuesday 2:32pm). Argentina (Wednesday 2:09pm). Hook ups (Friday 10:14pm).

4 Stagione 2 Episodio 4.jpg "Trattenere il respiro"
(English: Holding your breath)
23 min November 1, 2018 (TIMvision)
November 3, 2018 (public)
Clip: P.S. (Domenica 11:47). Bastardata (Lunedì 11:58) Evoluzione (Martedì 14:05). Halloween (Mercoledì 22:46).

Clips: P.S. (Sunday 11:47am). Douche move (Monday 11:58am) Evolution (Tuesday 2:05pm). Halloween (Wednesday 10:46pm).

5 Stagione 2 Episodio 5.jpg "L'ultimo uomo sulla Terra"
(English: The last man on Earth)
35 min November 10, 2018 (TIMvision)
November 12, 2018 (public)
Clip: Nel Mio Letto (Giovedì 10:53). Seguimi (Venerdì 11:54). Ce Ne Siamo Accorti (Lunedì 13:01). Pausa (Martedì 11:27). Pride (Giovedì 15:31). Quante Cazzate (Venerdì 21:52).

Clips: In my bed (Thursday 10:53am). Follow me (Friday 11:54am). We are aware of it (Monday 1:01pm). Pause (Tuesday 11:27am). Pride (Thursday 3:31pm). How much bullshit (Friday 9:52pm).

6 Stagione 2 Episodio 6.jpg "City - Real" 22 min November 24, 2018 (TIMvision)
November 26, 2018 (public)
Clip: Assenze (Lunedì 07:30). Quando Parlo (Martedì 17:42). Di Nuovo (Mercoledì 14:28). Lei è lo Psicologo? (Giovedì 13:05). Effettivamente (Venerdì 13:12).

Clips: Absences (Monday 7:30am). When I speak (Tuesday 5:42pm). Again (Wednesday 2:28pm). Are you the psychologist? (Thursday 1:05pm). Actually (Friday 1:12pm).

7 Stagione 2 Episodio 7.jpg "Il mago dell'amore"
(English: The love wizard)
30 min December 2, 2018 (TIMvision)
December 3, 2018 (public)
Clip: Era per Lui (Lunedì 08:11). Ti Fidi di Me, Rose? (Martedì 15:50). Pace (Mercoledì 11:56). Antidoto (Giovedì 14:17). Sto a Bracciano (Sabato 09:15). Due Ore (Sabato 21:42).

Clips: It was for him (Monday 8:11am). Do you trust me, Rose? (Tuesday 3:50pm). Peace (Wednesday 11:56am). Antidote (Thursday 2:17pm). I’m in Bracciano (Saturday 9:15am). Two hours (Saturday 9:42pm).

8 Stagione 2 Episodio 8.jpg "Buon viaggio"
(English: Have a nice trip)
30 min December 8, 2018 (TIMvision)
December 10, 2018 (public)
Clip: Patatine e Marmellata (Domenica 10:41). Link (Martedì 14:37). Mia Mamma (Mercoledì 16:43). Hai Mai Visto il Bar di Wes Anderson? (Venerdì 07:59). Tu Non Sei di Milano (Venerdì 15:50).

Clips: Chips and jam (Sunday 10:41am). Link (Tuesday 2:37pm). My mom (Wednesday 4:43pm). Have you ever seen Wes Anderson’s Bar? (Friday 7:59pm). You’re not from Milan (Friday 3:50pm).

9 Stagione 2 Episodio 9.jpg "Follie"
(English: Madnesses)
21 min December 15, 2018 (TIMvision)
December 17, 2018 (public)
Clip: Il Treno delle Nove (Sabato 08:15). Vediamo (Domenica 12:10). Namacissi (Martedì 11:55). Io Sto Bene (Giovedì 17:02). La Grotta (Venerdì 20:50).

Clips: The 9am train (Saturday 8:15am). We’ll see (Sunday 12:10pm). Namacissi (Tuesday 11:55am). I’m fine (Thursday 5:02pm). The cave (Friday 8:50pm).

10 Stagione 2 Episodio 10.jpg "Minuto per minuto"
(English: Minute for minute)
32 min December 22, 2018 (TIMvison)
December 24, 2018 (public)
Clip: Martino e Niccolò (Sabato 11:02). Le Circostanze (Lunedì 10:00). Si Vede (Martedì 14:57). Classifica (Mercoledì 13:36). Sono Io (Venerdì 21:07).

Clips: Martino and Niccolò (Saturday 11:02am). Circumstances (Monday 10:00am). I can see it (Tuesday 2:57pm). Ranking (Wednesday 1:36pm). It’s me (Friday 9:07pm).

Season Three
# Image Title Duration Original airdate
1 Stagione 3 Episodio 1.jpg "Esci con me"
(English: Go out with me)
35 min March 16, 2019
Clip: Fregata (Lunedì 13:31). L'impiccio (Martedì 15:32). Serata rimorchio (Mercoledì 22:21). Steroidi (Giovedì 16:04). Esci con me (Venerdì 18:56).

Clips: Fooled you (Monday 1:31pm). The meddle (Tuesday 3:32pm). Hook-up night (Wednesday 10:21pm). Steroids (Thursday 4:04pm). Go out with me (Friday 6:58pm).

2 Stagione 3 Episodio 2.jpg "Sei tu"
(English: It's you)
23 min March 23, 2019
Clip: Mi devi raccontare (Sabato 09:19). Pronto soccorso (Martedì 08:05). Ci stai nascondendo qualcuno? (Mercoledì 12:01). Verme solitario (Giovedì 16:48). Caro spirito (Giovedì 21:42). Sei tu (Venerdì 12:40).

Clips: You have to tell me (Saturday 9:19am). Emergency room (Tuesday 8:05am). Are you hiding someone from us? (Wednesday 12:01pm). Tapeworm (Thursday 4:48pm). Dear spirit (Thursday 9:42pm). It's you (Friday 12:40).

3 Stagione 3 Episodio 3.jpg "Digli che torno domani"
(English: Tell him I'm coming back tomorrow)
27 min March 29, 2019
Clip: Non dirle niente (Martedì 20:30). Williamsburg (Mercoledì 14:04). Digli che torno domani (Venerdì 22:08).

Clips: Don’t tell her anything (Tuesday 8:30pm). Williamsburg (Wednesday 2:04pm). Tell him I'm coming back tomorrow (Friday 10:08 pm).

4 Stagione 3 Episodio 4.jpg "È per questo che non mi piaci"
(English: That’s why I don’t like you)
21 min April 5, 2019
Clip: Rifugianti (Lunedì 13:24). Primo premio (Martedì 15:07). Mancata (Mercoledì 11:49). Beneficenza (Giovedì 12:02). È per questo che non mi piaci (Venerdì 22:19).

Clips: Refundgees (Monday 1:24pm). First prize (Tuesday 3:07pm). Missed you (Wednesday 11:49pm). Charity (Thursday 12:02pm). That’s why I don’t like you (Friday 10:19pm).

5 Stagione 3 Episodio 5.jpg "Non ti farò mai del male"
(English: I will never hurt you)
19 min April 12, 2019
Clip: Pistacchio (Lunedì 16:23). L'altro ieri (Mercoledì 13:00). Tutte abbracciate (Giovedì 12:05). Non ti farò mai del male (Venerdì 22:14).

Clips: Pistacchio (Monday 4:23pm). The other day (Wednesday 1:00pm). Tangled up together (Thursday 12:05pm). I will never hurt you (Friday 10:14pm).

6 Stagione 3 Episodio 6.jpg "Basta"
(English: Enough)
16 min April 19, 2019
Clip: Aspetta (Lunedì 14:00). Non uscite (Mercoledì 22:10). Da sole (Giovedì 17:23). Basta (16:04).

Clips: Wait (Monday 2:00pm). Don't come out (Wednesday 10:10pm). Alone (Thursday 5:23pm). Enough (Friday 4:04pm).

7 Stagione 3 Episodio 7.jpg "Fratelli"
(English: Brothers)
19 min May 3, 2019
Clip: Ancora brucia (Lunedì 13:15). Il cervello di Silvia (Martedì 15:34). Che ti sei fatta? (Mercoledì 16:39). Bionda (Giovedì 14:15). Fratelli (Venerdì 19:57).

Clips: Still hurts (Monday 1:15pm). Silvia's brain (Tuesday 3:34pm). What did you do there? (Wednesday 4:39pm). Blonde (Thursday 2:15pm). Brothers (Friday 7:57pm).

8 Stagione 3 Episodio 8.jpg "Ops"
(English: Oops)
16 min May 10, 2019
Clip: Voglio stare sola (Sabato 09:04). Devo andare (Lunedì 14:02). Che faccia hai? (Mercoledì 14:32). Ops (Venerdì 13:15).

Clips: I want to be alone (Saturday 9:04am). I have to go (Monday 2:02pm). Why that face? (Wednesday 2:32pm). Oops (Friday 1:15pm).

9 Stagione 3 Episodio 9.jpg "Febbre"
(English: Fever)
22 min May 17, 2019
Clip: Ti do due giorni (Domenica 12:19). Perché sei qui (Martedì 17:50). Famiglie (Mercoledì 12:00). Dato di fatto (Giovedì 18:11). Febbre (Venerdì 14:31).

Clips: I give you two days (Sunday 12:19pm). Why are you here? (Tuesday 5:50pm). Families (Wednesday 12:00pm). It's a fact (Thursday 6:11pm). Fever (Friday 2:31pm).

10 Stagione 3 Episodio 10.jpg "Dimmelo anche tu"
(English: Tell me too)
17 min May 31, 2019
Clip: Passerà (Domenica 12:43). Voglio dormire qui (Lunedì 18:13). Dimmelo anche tu (Venerdì 15:42).

Clips: He will get over it (Sunday 12:43am). I want to sleep here (Monday 6:13pm). Tell me too (Friday 3:42pm).

11 Stagione 3 Episodio 11.jpg "Tre, due, uno"
(English: Three, two, one)
24 min June 7, 2019
Clip: Lavatrice (Sabato 11:23). Non abbiamo visto niente (Lunedì 13:33). Vieni qui (Martedì 19:10). Giustizia (Mercoledì 14:54). Tre, due, uno (Venerdì 13:00).

Clips: Washing machine (Saturday 11:23am). We didn’t see anything (Monday 1:33pm). Come here (Tuesday 7:10pm). Justice (Wednesday 2:54pm). Three, two, one (Friday 1:00pm).

Season Four
# Image Title Duration Original airdate
1 Stagione 4 Episodio 1.jpg "Italiana"
(English: Italian)
31 min May 15, 2020
2 Stagione 4 Episodio 2.jpg "Mykonos" 29 min May 15, 2020
3 Stagione 4 Episodio 3.jpg "Peccato"
(English: Too bad)
23 min May 15, 2020
4 Stagione 4 Episodio 4.jpg "Eclissi totale"
(English: Total eclipse)
22 min May 15, 2020
5 Stagione 4 Episodio 5.jpg "Maschi Alfa"
(English: Alpha males)
24 min May 15, 2020
6 Stagione 4 Episodio 6.jpg "L'amichetta tua"
(English: Your friend)
30 min May 15, 2020
7 Stagione 4 Episodio 7.jpg "Domande stupide"
(English: Stupid questions)
29 min May 15, 2020
8 Stagione 4 Episodio 8.jpg "Le sfigate"
(English: The losers)
28 min May 15, 2020
9 Stagione 4 Episodio 9.jpg "Chiudi gli occhi"
(English: Close your eyes)
34 min May 15, 2020
10 Stagione 4 Episodio 10.jpg "Insieme"
(English: Together)
40 min May 15, 2020


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