Season 4, Episode 7, titled Vi må stå sammen (English: We must stand together) is the fortieth episode of Skam.


Yousef hangs out at Sana's house and they end up playing basketball, and later in the weekend the balloon squad talks about Ramadan and girls, which Sana overhears including the fact that Yousef is talking to Noora. Sana then decides to use the screenshots by making an insta-account, exposing Sara by posting the texts on there. People at school speculate until Sara figures out the texts came from Isak, and Isak admits it. He takes the blame and talks to Sana about why she did it, to which Sana expresses her frustrations in how she is treated, and they discuss the Islamophobia that is present on the streets. Isak seemingly forgives her, admitting he also made mistakes such as punching Mikael at the karaoke party which he got punched in return for. In the end, Isak asks Sana who her 'best bud' is after she jokes that they are buds, just not best buds.



  • Spiller alene (English: Playing alone)
Saturday, May 27, 2017 (3:09 PM)

Sana is in the backyard playing basketbal without much success. She appears frustrated which throws off her game even more. The ball then bounces behind her, where Yousef picks it up. Sana looks at him, and then asks for the ball. Yousef tells her to come and get it. Sana acts annoyed, saying she can't be bothered. Yousef parrots her, and then moves past her to score. Sana says she can't be bothered, and Yousef says he'll take the ball and leave. He then moves towards her and Sana reaches for the ball. They start playing, with Sana trying to get the ball. They gradually start laughing again.

Elias then walks up asking to join, and Sana takes the ball again, stating she's playing alone. Elias asks her how long she's gonna be pissed off, and he states he didn't know Isak was her friend. He then talks to Yousef saying no matter what he does, she's pissed. Elias then warns Yousef that Sana is stressed. Yousef watches Sana as he enters the house again, and Sana balances the ball in her hands as eh boys leave the backyard again.

  • Ramadan
Sunday, May 28, 2017 (5:29 PM)

Sana is going through the screenshots she took, reading how Sara talked about everyone, including Sana, Eva, Vilde and Ingrid. She then hears Elias and his friends talking about fasting, and she goes to her balcony as they discuss how Adam failed at fasting because he is supposedly sick. The boys then ask where Yousef is, and Sana overhears them saying Yousef is with Noora. The boys call Noora 'wife material' and they imply that Elias is jealous upon his reaction to hearing Yousef is with her. Sana starts to cry as she returns to her bed. She then notices Noora's password written on her notebook.

  • Saranors2
Tuesday, May 30, 2017 (2:15 PM)

Sana is sitting by the window, looking at the fake Instagram, she created under Sara's name, containing photos of Sara and Isak's conversation. She tags both Sara and Ingrid in the photos. Noora appears, and wants to talk to Sana. Sana tells that she already knows everything about Yousef and Noora, without Noora even telling her anything. Noora asks if Sana likes Yousef, which she denies.

  • Noen angriper oss (English: Someone's attacking us)

Wednesday, May 31, 2017 (10:49 AM)

  • Gruppen for oss som har blitt utsatt for nettmobbing (English: The group for us who have been subjected to cyber-bullying)
Thursday, June 1, 2017 (3:45 PM)

  • Fakker over vennene sine (English: Fucking over their friends)
Friday, June 2, 2017 (3:34 PM)


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One Dance Drake Sana and Yousef playing basketball together.
Sana confronts Sara about the instagram account with Sara's texts.


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