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Season 4, Episode 5, titled Hvis du er trist er jeg trist (English: If you're sad then I'm sad) is the thirty-eighth episode of Skam. Following this episode, the show went on a 10-day mid-season hiatus.




  • Ikke gjort noe galt (English: Didn't do anything wrong)
Saturday May 6, 2017 (9.58AM)

Sana is praying in her room, while we see flashes of the afternoon she spent with Yousef. Sana then opens her computer an googles 'why can't muslim women marry non-muslims. She reads an article that says children follow the father's religion. We then hear voices outside her room, and Sana notices Yousef's name being mentioned when Elias says he was with him. Her mom says she saw Yousef and Sana last night, indicating she knows he's not truthfull. Elias says his phone died, and that he didn't do anything wrong but her mom insists on asking where he was last night. She says he has to follow their rules as long as he lives at home, and that he has to set an example for his sister. Elias defends Sana saying she is almost 18 and that she can take care of herself. Her mom says she doesn't like her and Yousef spending time together. Elias says she shouldn't ask him about that. Elias says she has to trust Sana if she says she only saw Yousef by chance last night

  • No hard feelings
Monday May 8, 2017 (1.23PM)

Sana and Noora are walking down the school yard while Noora explains how Eskild greeted Elias in the morning when he woke up at the Kollektiv. She explains Elias looked mortified and then threw up over Eskild. They then notice Vilde laughing loudly with Eva, Chris and some of the Pepsi Max girls. They talk about the party on Friday. Eva mentions they should have bee there, and that there were lots of handsome guys. Chris comments Eva played the field, and they talk about one guy in specific called Alexander.

Eva then says they texted them, and Sana gets a prayer notification before Noora comments that they didn't do much special. The girls then insist that they join them in Syng on Friday, and Sana asks what they're talking about. Eva explains it's an event on the facebook group, and that lots of people are coming. They talk about invitating the guys from this weekend. Sana asks about the facebook group, and Sara explains it's their old bus page, and she asks if she added Sana. Sana says she didn't, and Sara adds her.

  • Dårlig følelse (English: Bad feeling)
Tuesday May 9, 2017 (10.01AM)

Sana scrolls through the facebook page and the comments on the Syng event, when she asks Noora if she felt Sara was trying to hide something. Noora asks what she means, and Sana says she had a bad feeling. She then says the girls can take the whole bus and throw them out because they paid for it.

Noora asks why they would bother joining with them if they were going to throw them out, and Sana explains that they wanted that specific bus. Noora replies saying she doesn't think they're that psycho. Sana then adds that Sara was going to send her a copy of the contract, which she didn't do. Noora is trying not to judge and remains rather vague. She then asks when the russ stuff became so important. Sana doesn't answer, and instead heads over to Sara to talk about the contract.

She asks to talk to her on the side of the schoolyard, and confronts her about sending the copy of the contract. Sana says maybe she forgot, like she forgot to add her and Noora to the buss page. Sara says it might have ended up in spam filter, like with Mari, and Sana checks her mail again where it is. Sara then says they have a meeting with Mari on Monday, and when she notices Sana is tense, she explains she doesn't mean to overlook her because she used to be the bus boss. Sana says it's fine, and says she will come to the Syng event. Sara comments they need to get to know each other better and fuse the busses together more.

  • Humble
Thursday May 11, 2017 (3.43PM)

Sana walks into her room to find her mom going through her things. Her mom pretends to look for her green veil, and Sana confronts her in Arabic. Her momo then says she is worried because she doesn't know what she's up to anymore. Sana says she's up to nothing, but her mom explains that Sana said she went out with friends and ended up outside with Yousef.

Sana doesn't like this, and she says her mom talks about her friends like they're criminals or something. She defends her friends saying not all non-Muslims drink a lot and have sex. She asks why her mom can't trust her that she has friends who are good people.

Her momo says that lots of young people don't follow the same rules as her and that Norwegian culture has lots of customs that don't fit with them. Sana replies saying Islam has things that don't fit her either, like the views on homosexuality or the fact that Muslim men can marry non-religious women but not the other way around. She wonders if that isn't gender-discrimination, in the society they live in while the Quran says they can adapt to the society they live in. Her mom asks where this is coming from, and Sana says she's asking, and if she isn't allowed to ask.

Her mom says she is worried about Sana, and she says that she is scared sSana will get hurt. Sana then storms out, and goes to the back yard where she plays basketball. Elias walks out, saying he heard her talking to their mom.

They play together for a bit, when Elias asks her if she was with Yousef in the weekend. Sana explains he walked her home from Noora's. Elias says she likes him, which Sana denies.

They then sit on the swings, and Elias explains Yousef is a nice guy. Sana says he is not a Muslim though, and Elias says he is the most Muslim guy he knows because he doesn't drink and has respect for everyone. Sana says he doesn't believe in Allah. Elias then asks her what's most important, saying you believe in Allah or living like you believe in Allah. He then says that the most important thing is that his sister is doing well with a good guy, not someone who goes to a mosque.

Sana says their mom might not agree, but Elias says she wants the best for them and that she was raised in a different time. He then talls her to stop making a sad face, because if she's sad he's also sad. Sana says she isn't sad, and Elias replies with "that's good". Sana then invites him to the Syng event with her friends. Sana tells him to bring Yousef, and Elias says they will come.

  • Imagine all the people living life in peace
Friday May 12, 2017 (8.39PM)


  • On Mondaynight Sana sends the same text to both Eva and Chris about Sara and the bus.
  • Noora and Sana text on Tuesday about Sana being 'paranoid'.
  • Sana texts Elias to ask if he's coming to Syng on fridayafternoon

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Song Artist Scene
Humble Kendrick Lamar Sana playing basketball
Now and Later Sage The Gemini Karaoke-bar song
Imagine John Lennon Sung by Even, Isak and others at the karaoke bar
New Level A$ap ferg (feat Future) Sana walks outside and sees the fight
Iconography Andre Bratten Sana in the restroom washing the blood off her hands
Love Will Tear Us Apart Susanna and the Magical Orchestra Sana leaves the restrooms and sees Yousef and Noora kissing


Notes and Trivia

  • The name of the clip No Hard Feelings comes from the sentence on Sana's shirt in that scene.

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