Season 4, Episode 4, titled Allah hadde digget deg (English: Allah would dig you) is the thirty-seventh episode of Skam.





  • Kjærlighetssorg (English: Heartbreak)
Sunday April 30, 2017 (11.45AM)

Sana and Noora meet up with Vilde and Magnus, who are messing around with coffee and kissing publically. Vilde asks him if he loves her, and then starts making cat noises. Noora and Sana sit by awkwardly, as Magnus states that he loves Vilde so much they'll be together for the rest of their lives. Noora asks Sana why she's quiet, and Sana says she's a bit tired. Magnus and Vilde then leave to go fuck at Magnus' house, leaving the spot doing piggyback rides.

Noora comments that couples in love are gross, and Sana agrees before they both sip their coffee. Sana then asks her if she's going to tell her about William. Noora replies with 'Now I guess'.She then say she couldn't testify against Niko. Sana asks if the case went to trial, and Noora explains it did in August. She talks about how she flew to Oslo and got ready and got on the tram, but then she got off again, returning to London. She explains William asked how it went, and Noora lied that all went well.

Sana comforts her and says she should've talked to them, saying they would've gone with her. Noora states the dismissal then came in the mail and that she has never seen someone so dissapointed (as William back then). Sana asks if William understood that it was hard for her, and Noora says he understood and that it was fine, but that she could see it was hurt. Noora explains how all the stuf with Niko came back, and that he started working all the time after that and that they didn't talk to each other anymore and that she felt he didn't love her anymore.

She states that when William was at work one day she just left, and Sana asks if she left without saying anything. She then asked if they talked since, and Noora explains she has tried to send him a mail. She says that every time however, she thinks maybe it's better if they're apart. She explains it became complicated and they maybe they're better off with someone else. Sana is seen thinking about that, knowing William presumably has another girlfriend. Noora then comments that thinking about William with someone else, she would break.

She then comments how Sana is lucky that she doesn't have to think about all that stuff, heartbreak and such. She jokes she should maybe convert to Islam, asking Sana if Allah would like her. Sana replies saying Allah would dig her. Noora then says she could marry Yousef then, and Sana doesn't say anything against that.

  • Fjern som venn (English: Remove as friend)
Tuesday May 2, 2017 (5.13PM)

Sana is at home reading through the e-mail Sara sent about the bus-meeting Friday. She then receives a message from Yousef about the Vodka bottle. She gets an Asr-prayer notification, but ignores it and she goes to remove Yousef as a friend from facebook.

She then opens google and types in 'how to get over a guy', reading through an advice article. When her mom walks in with groceries, Sana pretends to be studying biology. Sana's mom asks about the assignment. Her mom then asks if Elias has visitors as she takes off her hijab, and Sana states that she can never know, with the boys showing up all the time.

Sana's mom then asks if Elias started drinking alcohol, and Sana asks why she thinks that. Her mom explains that Yousef drinks alcohol and that she's worried. Sana defends Elias, saying she doesn't think Elias is drinking. Her mom says she will trust her. She then asks if Sana talked to the Muslim guy she liked, and Sana says she hasn't before she continues reading the article.

  • Ikke døm meg (English: Don't judge me)
Wednesday May 3, 2017 (1.37PM)

Sana is in the school cafetaria reading an article about multicultural places in Oslo when Noora sits down in front of her. Sana spots a big smile, saying she has done some research, saying she knows how Noora will get over William. Noora asks what they're doing, and Sana says she will have to wait and see. Noora complains that she doesn't like surprises.

Sara then walks up to their table and asks Sana if she saw her e-mail. Sana says she did but hasn't had time to reply, and then suggests Sara contacts Mari about the payment herself. Sara then asks Mari's e-mail so she can send the contract proposal, and Sana says she doesn't. She asks if Noora does, and Noora says to check in her e-mail. Noora gives her e-mail, loglady997 and password, exper5 which causes Sana and Sara to frown. Noora says not to judge her over her password as Sana jokes about it, before Noora finally writes it down and passes it to Sana on her biology notebook.

Sana then writes the e-mailadress down and Sara says she will send Sana a copy of the e-mail. Sana then asks Noora if she will join on Friday, and Noora shakes her head, commenting how Sana is very stoked. Sana explains she is stoked of Noora getting over William, because she is a good friend.

Noora insists asking what they're doing then. Sana asks if she will come if she knows what they're doing. Noora eventually agrees, and Sana reveals they're going to a café. Noora asks which one, but Sana argues that some of it has to stay a bit of a surprise. Noora keeps asking what they're going to do, saying she is curious, and Sana says it's just a café. Sana then rhymes 'You'll have to wait and see' in Norwegian and they laugh about rhyming.

  • Det beste fra Islam (English: The best of Islam)
Friday June 5, 2017 (8.05PM)

Sana brings Noora to Grønland for coffee, and they sit in a little café. Sana is convinced that Noora likes Yousef so she's trying to steer her attention away by introducing her to other guys. Two university students sit down next to them and begin to flirt with them. Sana tells them they're in at UiO as well, "just shopping" courses. Noora talks about tea with one of the guys. Yousef then calls Sana to tell her that Elias is drunk. Knowing they can't take Elias home, Sana and Noora meet up with Elias and Yousef to take Elias to The Kollektiv. They stumble up the stairs and Noora tells Linn to make room, before Elias lies down and falls asleep while Sana drapes a blanket over him. Yousef and Noora both stand by, laughing.

Sana then leaves and as they walk out the door, Yousef proposes to walk her home. Sana eventually agrees, and at some point on their walk Yousef encounters a ball, which he starts to play with. They're teasing each other about reflexes. Eventually they make their way to a basketball court, where they start to play.

After a while they are seen on a bench, and they are talking. Yousef explains why he doesn't believe in Allah, and he mentions Even. Yousef says attempted suicide, and that Islam made him think that his sexuality was a sin. He explains how Even tried to kiss Mikael and Mikael freaked out, and he started reading through the Quran and began to post quotes on social media about gays burning to hell. He says Even did it as an attempt to 'cure' himself. Yousef states that it made him doubt his religion because Isalm, or religion in general, creates so much anxiety in people.

Yousef picks flowers for Sana as they have a more lighthearted conversation. He walks her home and they notice Sana's mother watching them out the window disapprovingly.


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Gunerius Amanda Delara (Karpe Diem remix) Yousef and Sana spend the afternoon together playing basketbal and talking.


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