Season 4, Episode 2, titled Jeg er gutt, jeg får ikke hat (English: I'm a guy, I don't get hate) is the thirty-fifth episode of Skam.


Sana learns more about Yousef. The girls get an offer from Mari to buy their russ bus, but they get surprised by Pepsi Max who also want to buy the bus.



  • Feel It Coming
Saturday, April 15, 2017 (1:24 PM)

Sana is in her room, trying to pray. She gets disturbed by Messenger notifications from the girls squad, talking about the party the night before. Afterwards, she hears some music coming from another room. Walking out of her room, she enters the living room, where she spots Yousef lip-syncing and dancing. While Sana looks at him, Yousef finds out that Sana has been looking at him, and apologizes, thinking he was alone. Elias enters the room afterwards, and starts to ask Sana about the girls, telling her that they are pretty.

  • The Secret
Tuesday, April 18, 2017 (1:55 PM)

Sana and Noora are sitting outside of school and talking, while Noora are eating cup noodles. They start talking about the weekend, and the whole thing about Yousef, until Sana interrupts and asks if Noora still is with William. Noora is trying to explain what happened between her and William, and why she left London, until Mari arrives. Mari asks them if they would be interested in buying her russe-group's bus for 300.000 Norwegian Kroner. Vilde arrives with Magnus at the same time, and is immediately interested, alongside with Sana. Noora tries to protest, and asks them how they'll collect 300.000 Norwegian Kroner, since they're only 5 people in their bus.

  • Yousef
Wednesday, April 19, 2017 (12:06 PM)

Isak and Even are kissing in the biology classroom, and Sana enters after a while. While sitting down, Sana receives a message from Vilde, telling her that Mari has invited them to see the bus. Afterwards, Sana receives a friend request from Yousef on Facebook. She opens her laptop, to see that he also sent her a photo. She accepts the friend request, and starts going through his photos. She lands on a photo of Yousef with Mikael, to which Isak asks who it is on the photo. Isak asks Sana if it's Mikael, and asks her how she knows him.

  • Norske Partyjenter (Norwegian Party Girls)
Friday, April 21, 2017 (3:32 PM)

Noora, Sana and Vilde are waiting for Chris and Eva to arrive, so they can take a look at the bus. Vilde gets angry at Eva and Chris for arriving late, to which Chris responds that it's not a job interview. The girls walk towards the bus, where Mari and her friend are waiting them. While the rest of the girls take a look inside the bus, Sana takes a look at the outside. Nodding her head, Sana starts asking Mari technical things, like if it's EU-approved with all yearly fees paid. The rest of the girls come back out and ask if there are others interested in the bus, just as the Pepsi Max gang appears. They have a budget of 310, 000 Norwegian kroner, but Sana says that their budget is 320,000 Norwegian kroner. The girls look at her, confused and worried about how they will get the money. At the end, Sana says that she will fix it.


  • On Monday, Vilde tries to add Magnus to the chat, but Sana kicks him out again
  • On Monday afternoon, Isak texts Sana about borrowing her notes and studying together after jokingly asking her help moving a washing machine to their flat.
  • On Tuesday, the girl squad texts about the russ bus.
  • On Wednesday, girl squad talk about the russ bus again.
  • On Thursday the girl squad discusses the new Hei Briskeby video in which they pranked Vilde.
  • On Friday, the girl squad arranged to go check out the bus.

Social Media

  • Noora posted a video of the girl squad on bouncers in Oslo captioned 'Cool easter'.
  • Sana posts an instagram on Tuesday


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I'm a guy, I don't get hate.
— Elias to Sana



Song Artist Scene
I feel it coming The Weeknd Yousef dancing and lip-syncing in the living room, with Sana watching
No Long Talk Drake ft Giggs The Pepsi Max gang appearing by the bus
U-Rite THEY. The girls squad facing the Pepsi Max gang, moving over to the girls squad listening to Sana about how to get the money


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