Season 3, Episode 6, titled Escobar season, is the twenty-nineth episode of Skam overall.


Emma is still angry at Isak, and Isak isn't talking to Even either. Jonas reaches out and offers to talk with him about his issues. Later, because of sleep problems, Isak decides to go to the eccentric school "doctor".



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Monday November 14, 2016 (9.58AM)

Isak arrives at the schoolyard and spots Emma with her friends and Even with his friends. They both notice him as he starts crossing the school yard, and Isak is focussed with his music in. He then runs into someone and gets snapped out of that focus.

Isak then gets to the lockers and greets Jonas who is grabbing his books too. Isak asks 'What's up' and Jonas says nothing music. Isak keeps looking at Jonas and asks if Mahdi is mad at him. Jonas assures Isak that he isn't. Jonas says they're just worried, and that they don't know what his thing is because he's been strange.

Isak says a lot of stuff is happening, family and stuff and the fact that he can't sleep so his temper can change quickly. He apologises for it. Jonas says "Okay" and tells Isak to let him know if he wants to talk about it

  • Ingen lever lykkelig alle sine dager (Nobody lives happily ever after)
Tuesday November 15, 2016 (2.03AM)

Isak is in bed, awake, overhearing Noora's conversation on the phone talking about love and heartbreak and how she thought she and William would be together forever. Isak tries to mute Noora out, but isn't successful. Noora says "It ends when it ends" and that nobody lives happily ever after because in the end no one's willing to sacrifice anything for love in 2016.

Isak gets up and opens the door, and Noora asks if she woke him. Isak asks what she's doing, and Noora explains Eskild brought a guy home so she moved to the hallway because the walls aren't very thick in the living room. Isak tells her the walls aren't thick at his room either. He says he needs to sleep but he can't if she's out there talking a lot of shit. Isak then calms down a little, and Noora says she gets that he has to sleep. She says she can talk to Eva tomorrow, and Isak tells her to say hi though. He then moves to close the door, opens it again, and tells her that William is an idiot if he gives up on the two of them. He then closes the door after Noora wishes him goodnight.

  • Kan du varme et til meg også? (Can you warm one up for me too?)
Wednesday November 16, 2016 (10.05AM)

Isak is at the school cafeteria in line, and he orders a cheese sandwich. He hears someone ask for one too, and looks aside but the guy is not Even. He then drops some of his money and picks it up again. When there's one kroner missing, he checks his pocket and then hands it over. He then waits for his cheese sandwiches. Once he gets them, he turns to the door and sees Even standing there.

Neither of them say anything at first, and then they both say 'Hey' in a very neutral tone. Even makes a comment about the lack of cardamom on Isak's cheese sandwich, and Isak half-laughs 'kardemome' which makes Even smile. Isak then says he thinks he has to go and walks past Even outside.

  • Kvart et menneske er en øy (Every Person is an Island)
Thursday November 17, 2016 (2.08PM)

Isak is waiting outside the nurse's office overhearing the school administrators talking, before the school doctor calls him in. He sits down and asks the doctor if she's the school doctor. She says she kind of is, and points out that the sign is old. Nevertheless she asks him how she can help him.

Isak explains he has a lot trouble sleeping and that it's starting to affect school. The doctor deadpans 'That's shitty' and Isak agrees. He says he was thinking he could get some pills or something even though his problem is not serious. The doctor calls sleep deprivation serious, and points out many accidents could have been prevented if people hadn't fallen asleep behind the wheel for example. Isak says he doesn't drive, but the nurse says he's in traffic and that it only takes an inattentive moment that can have serious consequences.

She asks how long he's been struggling, and he explains it's been a while but it got worse over the last couple of weeks. He mentions he only slept an hour last night. The doctor says she will redirect him to a child and youth psychiatry to help him sort out some thoughts in his head. Isak said he won't do that, and he is very insistent about it.

The doctor then asks him if he likes other people, and Isak replies with 'sure'. She states every person is an island and that every bridge between the islands is by words. By not speaking to each other, they will remain lonely little islands. She says the islands can be high on pills, like Ibiza. Isak says he doesn't understand, and the doctor says it's because she mixed up two poems. She then says the point is that he can't keep isolating himself, because everything is harder on your own. She asks if Isak has someone to talk to, and Isak realises he maybe does.

  • Vært litt spess i det siste (Been a bit weird lately)
Friday November 18, 2016 (1.59PM)

Isak spots Jonas outside by his bike and gathers the courage to walk up to him. He asks him if he has plans for tonight and Jonas says he's staying home to watch a movie. Isak asks what he's doing now, and Jonas says's he's going home. Isak invites him for kebab, saying he'll pay, and Jonas states 'who can say no to kebab'.

They get kebab and then Jonas grabs his bike as they walk to a park. Jonas talks about someone vomiting at a party. As a silence settles, Isak gathers up his courage. He then says "You know that thing about me being a bit weird lately?" and Jonas nods. Isak continues by saying "It's because of a person I like."

Jonas guesses it's about Emma, and Isak states that it isn't. Isak tells him to guess, and Jonas says he can't guess. Still, Isak encourages him to try. Jonas guesses Vilde, and Isak reacts surprised because he would think that. Jonas says he doesn't know, and asks that Isak just tells him.

Isak then says he can give a hint, and then he tells Jonas "It's not a girl." Jonas is seen thinking while Isak watches him attentively. When Jonas asks "Is it me?" Isak laughs and repeatedly says no. Jonas tells him to just tell him then. He then asks Isak is he's totally unattractive and Isak explains that he isn't, but that it's not him.

Jonas then thinks for a bit, while Isak is visibly more relaxed now. When he asks Isak if it's the guy from Vilde's revue group, Isak says yes. Jonas asks about his name, and Isak replies that it's 'Even'. Jonas says he's a good looking guy. He wonders what else he's supposed to say and Isak says he doesn't know himself.

Jonas then asks what the thing is between them, and Isak says he doesn't know and that he doesn't understand shit because he is a back and forth kind of guy. Isak adds that he has a girlfriend. Jonas' phone then rings, and when Isak grabs in his pocket he finds a drawing by Even.

He opens the piece of paper which has two sides, one of which is a drawing of Isak eating cheese toastie without cardamom, and the other one of the two of them together eating cheese toastie with cardamom at the same time in a different place in the universe.

Jonas finishes off his phone call about a potential party before looking at the drawing. He asks what it is, and Isak explains it's from Even. Jonas then says he should break up with his girlfriend. Isak faintly smiles looking at the drawing.


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  • On Tuesday afternoon Jonas posts a squad picture of him, Mahdi and Magnus.


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Hate Me Now NAS feat Puff Daddy Isak walking into the schoolyard
Express Yourself N.W.A. Closing credits


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