Season 3, Episode 4 titled Keen på å bade (English: Keen for a swim) is the twenty-seventh episode of Skam over-all.


Noora returns from London without William, and Isak is wondering how living conditions in the flat will be with four people. Later, Even talks Isak into having a Halloween pre-party with him, his girlfriend, and Emma.



  • Sjalu (Jealous)
Saturday October 22, 2016 (11.47AM)

Isak is on his phone while Eskild, Noora and Linn sit on the opposite couch. He texts Even saying 'Thanks for yesterday, what are your plans today? Still up for something?' but he eventually ends up deleting the final part of the text, reducing it to 'Thanks for yesterday, what are your plans for today?'

Meanwhile Noora talks about William and how all he does is work and how it seems as if money is the most important thing suddenly. Noora states William becomes completely different person when he's with his dad and his stock broker colleagues. She talks about how William looks up to his dad, and that she gets it because he never got that recognition before. But she states that she can't live like that, alone in London, when he becomes like a little child. Noora states she left to be with him, but that they're never actually are together.

Eskild states he gets it, and he talks about how things haven't been all that easy at the Kollektiv either, pointing out that it's been chaotic. Eskild comments Isak is a good kid but that he's lazy. Isak then comments that he is sitting right there, snapping out of his text conversation for a moment. Eskild tells him he needs to be able to hear he's happy to have Noora back home without feeling hurt and jealous. Isak states he is not jealous. He then tells them they will have to find a solution because there's 4 of them in a 3-person flat. Eskild isn't happy with that comment, stating how Noora just got back home after being dumped and that the only thing Isak thinks about is if there are enough beds. Noora corrects him stating she wasn't dumped but that she was the one who left him. She continues to state how they're not broken up, but just taking a break. Noora says that if William really loves her, he will come after her. Eskild states people leave their wives and kids for the one they love so that William will choose her if he really loves her.

Isak then receives a reply from Even which reads 'Thanks for last night, I hope everything is okay with Noora. I had forgotten I already made plans with Sonja, sorry. See you in school.' Noora then comments on getting her tea and Eskild tells her Linn was the one making it which was why it probably wasn't really great.

  • prøvde-å-ringe-deg (I Tried Calling You)
Monday October 24, 2016 (10.42AM)

Isak is at school walking up to his locker when he reads the note that's stuck to all lockers: "Blinder'n and Nissen's Halloween Party, Friday at Skansen." He crumbles it up and the tries to open his locker by banging on it a few times, but it refuses to open. Isak pauses his war with his locker when Even walks up and asks him if he's going to the Halloween party. Isak says no, then changes his answer to 'Maybe, I don't know'. He asks if Even is going, and Even kind of shrugs before he says 'Join, then.' Isak agrees to this easily, and Even suggests they pregame together. Isak agrees once again, before Even punches his locker causing it to swing open in front of him.

As Even walks off, Isak spots Jonas standing a little bit further at his own locker. Jonas asks him if he did anything fun this weekend, to which Isak says he didn't. Jonas tells him he tried calling Friday, and Isak says he saw but that a lot of stuff was going on that weekend. Isak mentions Noora came home, and Jonas says he heard he hosted a pregame. Isak says it was kind of forced by Vilde, who is hung up on revue stuff so she talked to Eskild. Isak denies he was hosting it, and that Vilde more hosted it as his place. Isak tells Jonas that he didn't miss anything.

Jonas then reminds Isak that Magnus' birthday is Saturday. Jonas says he wants to do something cool for him. Isak says he's in and that they can make sure he gets laid for the first time. Isak suggests they call the dance chicks, and Jonas suggests Vilde as well. Isak and Jonas joke about Magnus' sado dreams as they walk off down the hallway.

  • Evolusjonsteorien (Theory of Evolution)
Wednesday October 26, 2016 (1.31PM)

Isak is in the cafeteria working on their science work while he's reading texts from his mother. When Sana asks if Isak agrees with what she just explained, she notices he wasn't paying attention and tells him to focus. Isak puts his phone away and looks at Sana a while before deciding to speak up. He starts off with 'No offence, but how are you religious?' before continuing to talk about how it's 2016 and the world is progressing. He mentions she is a smart girl, studying general studies and he wonders why she doesn't realise that it (religion) is all nonsense. Sana asks him if there is something about her religion that bothers him. Isak replies saying there is nothing specific, just that she (in her religion) believes that some things are right and some things are wrong, and that there is a god who gets to decide things. Isak mentions homosexuality and eating hotdogs as two examples, the latter he mumbled after realising his first example might be very specific.

Sana asks him what he believes in, and Isak replies saying he believes in natural science and the theory of evolution, and in nothing other than that. Sana suggests they take a look at the theory evolution. She asks him how he explains homosexuality in regards to natural selection, arguing her case that evolutionarily, homosexuality is a genetic dead end. She states that homosexuals don't pass on their genetics, and that according to the theory of evolution they should have died out millions of years ago.

She explains the only way they haven't, is if homosexuality isn't genetic and it is instead a mental illness, or a choice one makes. She then asks Isak his thoughts on the matter, and Isak gets defensive saying he doesn't go around thinking about homosexuality all the time. Sana says that since he doesn't have the answers either, they should agree on the fact that there is a lot more between heaven and earth than anyone of them knows. She goes on by saying that instead of criticising her religion, he should respect that they have chosen different beliefs. Isak relies with "whatever", before Emma approaches them.

Emma says she talked to Sonja and that she wondered if they could have a pregame at Isak's. Isak lets out a confused sound, and Emma repeats Sonja's name, adding 'Even's girlfriend'. Emma says Sonja told her Isak and Even had planned the pregame before the halloween party with them. Isak confirms this hesitantly.

Emma then changes the subject to costumes, announcing Sonja and Even will be dressed up as God and an angel, suggesting they should have matching costumes as well. She suggests they get dressed as cat and mouse or Batman and Batwoman. As her phone rings, Emma adds they could do that, only if he thinks it'd be fun, before walking off with the promise that she will text him before she takes her call.

Isak then returns to look at his books before looking up at Sana, who smirks back at him. Isak then tries to focus on the next chapter of their science work. Isak starts reading it after making sure Sana hadn't already, suggesting they get some work done. After reading the first sentence he looks up at Sana and winks saying 'Sounds easy' in English.

  • 21:21
Friday October 28, 2016 (9.21PM)

On Friday night Isak, Emma, Sonja and Even are sitting in the living room at the Kollektiv, and Sonja talks about her life now that she's no longer in school. She mentions not having anything to do. Emma asks her what she misses the most, to which Sonja replies having something to do during the day. Emma says she has thought about that as well and about how they've been in school for ten years. Sonja comments it's way too long, while Even and Isak exchange a look. Sonja says she misses doing projects, like the revue. Emma says she is in the revue and she doesn't get people who don't want to be part of the revue, calling it weird. Sonja mentions she was in the revue all three years, and Emma concludes she is from '97. Sonja comments it's nice talking though, despite the three year age difference.

Isak then asks if Sonja is older than Even, assuming it's Even's first time as a third year. Even states he is from '97 as well. Isak then observes Sonja and Even when Sonja tells him to take it easy on the beer, with Even telling her to stop babysitting him. Even repeats his statement, telling her to stop monitoring him. Sonja then gets up and asks where the bathroom is. After an awkward silence, Emma follows her.

Isak starts talking about the party when it's just him and Even, and Even asks him what time it is. Isak checks the time, and states it's 9.21PM or "21:21". Even replies with 'Serr?'. before deciding to ditch the girls. Isak asks where they're going, and Even replies with 'anywhere' and he tells Isak to hurry. They leave the Kollektiv and go on a bike ride.

They're both laughing and Even is occasionally letting go of the steering wheel while Isak watches him. They continue to ride until they stop at a house, with Even mentioning he feels like going for a swim. He walks up to a house, with Isak confusingly asking him 'a swim' before dropping the bike and following after him.

They get to the window a basement pool to a house that Even claims is his aunt's. When Isak asks if it's okay, Even tells him not to worry. Isak wonders where his aunt is, and Even replies saying she is on vacation, using the same excuse when Isak asks why he doesn't have a key. Isak mentions "yeah that's the answer to anything" and when Even asks if he's in, Isak follows after him climbing through the window. Even comments the water is nice, and he notices Isak is skeptical. Isak states he is not skeptical, but he merely finds it weird. Even jokingly calls him out for being afraid to go swimming or being afraid of water. Isak mocks being offended, before commenting it's not his aunt's house. Even says Isak's a little scared of fucking up his hair instead, which seems to catch Isak by surprise. He reacts with "You think I care about my hairdo" and Even laughs saying "What else am I to believe?" and commenting that it does look a bit like Isak cares about his hair. Even says 'Maybe not today' and then Isak pushes him in the pool. Even is swift enough to drag Isak along with him, causing them both to fall into the water.

Isak rises to the surface again quickly, but Even takes longer, emerging right in front of Isak. They laugh, and Even says "You thought I died" to which Isak runs along with the joke saying "Yeah I was so scared". Isak then calls Even out for sucking at holding his breath, and Even repeats it in disbelief. Even challenges Isak to try it then and Isak asks if he's really challenging him, stating he shouldn't because he is the champion at holding his breath. Even replies with an "Of course. Show it then."

Isak agrees and goes to hold his breath underwater. He returns to the surface moments later, and Even says Isak never ceases to impress. Isak uses the excuse of having water in his lungs, but Even doesn't buy it and when he reacts with 'Yeah right', Isak firmly insists that he swallowed water. Isak states he needs to try again, and Even suggests they do it together. They agree to go on three, with Isak explaining that the last to surface is the winner. Even then counts down, stating they will go down on one when he chooses to count down instead of up, and then they both go underwater.

They are looking at each other and holding their breaths until Even reaches out his hand to Isak's throat. Isak pushes him off and watches as Even moves in closer. Eventually Even's lips touch Isak and they kiss which causes Isak to rise to the surface a bit confused, where as Even emerges with a victorious "Yes."

They banter about Even proclaiming he won and Isak disputes that, saying what he did was cheating. Even then asks him if he thinks there were any rules there, and they laugh while circling in the pool, Isak insisting on the fact that Even cheated. Isak says it's not allowed and that he will not accept losing because of something like that, prompting Even to propose a rematch.

They go down again, gazes firmly locked upon each other as this time Isak moves closer and kisses Even. Even returns the kiss, before the two of them rise to the surface together with Even frantically kissing Isak once they come up. Then suddenly Isak opens his eyes to notice a child by the edge of the pool. The little girl looks at both of them and both guys are staring in shock before the child calls out for her mom.

Even realises they're in trouble and swims back to the edge, Isak following after him a bit confused as to what's going on. Isak asks her who the girl is, and Even admits it's not his aunt's house. When Isak asks who lives there, Even replies saying it was something he went to elementary school with, while exiting through the window. Isak is seen struggling to get out but eventually he succeeds.


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  • Isak posts a picture of Jonas with Magnus kissing the biology dummy.
  • Jonas posts a picture of Mahdi, Magnus and Isak with the caption "Illuminati$quad".


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Song Artist Scene
Sorry Justin Bieber feat J. Balvin Pregame at The Kollektiv before the halloween party with Isak, Emma, Sonja and Even
Head Over Heels/Broken Tears for Fears Isak and Even bike scene
I'm Kissing You Des'ree Isak and Even's underwater kiss
Koko Remix Slick Posh feat Benny Fransen & Bob Dalton Isak and Even exit the pool + credits


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