Season 3, Episode 3 titled Nå bånder dere i overkant mye (English: Now you're bonding too much) is the twenty-sixth episode of Skam overall.


After ditching the party and lying about it, Isak has to make amends with his friends and Emma. He is also struggling to come to terms with his homosexuality and his interest in Even. Later, Vilde convinces Isak to hold a party for the school revue at his place.



  • Stress
Saturday October 15, 2016 (1.30PM)

Isak is hanging out with Jonas and Mahdi at the basketball court when he reads a text of Emma, who calls him out for lying about his other plans on Friday. He is about to reply when Mahdi and Jonas walk up, and Mahdi greets him with traitor which Isak laughs off. Mahdi then states it was real shitty of Isak to betray them. Isak apologises and acts a bit giddy, blaming his behaviour on stress. Mahdi asks stress why, and Isak tries to avoid the subject by saying he will fix a new pre-game. Jonas wants to know why Isak was stressful and Isak says there was stuff with his mom. Mahdi states his mom has been stressed since the day he was born. Jonas, knowing Isak, treads carefully on the subject and asks her how she is, to which Isak replies that she is okay. Jonas exchanges a look with Mahdi. Mahdi then tells Isak to fix a new pregame with the girls, calling it case closed.

  • Gay
Monday October 17, 2016 (3.03AM)

Isak is awake in bed in the middle of the night when he grabs his phone to read a text from his mom. He then takes his computer and logs onto facebook. He notices Emma's picture on there. He then goes to consult the internet and looks up "the gay test". He takes the test, answering several questions and he even hesitates at a question of which one of the answers involves Moulin Rouge. He ends up picking another answer though, and eventually gets the results of the test which say he is 20% gay, commenting how he is 'not gay but could be a little bit straighter'. He then proceeds to google 'How to get turned on by girls if you are gay'. He reads through the results, one of them suggesting getting drunk and focussing on what is attractive about the girl.

  • Dust (Jerk)
Monday October 17, 2016 (11.53AM)

English is by his locker trying (and failing) to get his books and then attempting to close his locker. Vilde approaches him and Isak hands her his books so he can close his locker. In the meantime Vilde discusses if they can have the pregame a little earlier. Isak says he is not hosting the pregame and when Vilde asks why, he says he can't host because he lives with other people and that they are not interested in hosting a pregame. Vilde says she asked Eskild who was completely fine with it. Isak then says it's Linn who doesn't want to host a pregame. Vilde asks him what Linn does want, saying Linn doesn't want anything because she is depressed. Vilde continues to say that as her roommate, it is actually Isak's responsibility to make sure she gets out and socialises. She hands him his books back and tells him to take responsibility. She states he is hosting Friday at 6 and Isak is left a little speechless, watching her walk off.

He then notices Emma down the hall and goes over to talk to her. He greets her and realises by her glance that he is in trouble. He then says he needs her advice, because there is a very cute girl in first year who he managed to piss off. He says she has every reason to be, because he fucked up on a promise he made and that wasn't nice. He then says he wonders if he should go shoot himself or if she'll forgive him. He says it's okay if she does in 20 years as long as she does at some point. Emma calls him an idiot. Isak says "You think I'm an idiot" continuing the story stating there are now two girls who think he is, the cute girl and Emma. He walks after her when she gives him a look saying "Did you just try to kill me with that look, did you?"

  • Ultrahomse (Ultra-Gay)
Wednesday October 19, 2016 (1.43PM)

Isak, Jonas, Mahdi and Magnus are watching rehearsals of the dance team at the school, and Isak looks visibly confused, unlike the other guys who are very much into it. After the dance, Isak makes a comment about the instructor being gay, and when Jonas reacts confused Isak states he was ultra gay. Jonas finds that a weird comment, and he asks Isak why he's dissing him because he is gay. Isak claims he is not, but that it was obvious. Jonas confronts Isak by calling it a good observation. Isak then comments on Jonas mood and him being pissed, but Jonas counters it's Isak who has been snotty about everything. Even then walks up to the guy and tosses Isak his snapback stating he forgot it on Friday. When Even asks if it's Isak, Jonas comments it's actually his but that's not the point. Mahdi asks where Isak forgot it and Even replies he forgot it in the cafeteria despite Isak wearing it when he went home. Jonas asks who Even was, and Isak calls him a revue nerd from Vilde's group. Magnus then remembers a dream about Vilde being a dominatrix which makes all of them laugh as Magnus explains details of his dream.

  • Bånder
Friday October 21, 2016 (7.20PM)

At the party people are dressed in neon colours and wearing neon face paint. Eskild is dancing and Isak sits on the couch with Emma. They're laughing and talking about music when Emma mentions her favourite music is Justin Bieber. Isak cringes and mocks getting a migraine. He jokes he has to leave, but then says he can't cause he lives there and jokes about kicking Emma out. She then asks what music he likes and Isak states he likes 90's hiphop. When he asks if she's heard of it, Emma admits she didn't. Emma tries to show that she's willing to be interested in his music, and Isak mentions NAS to her, explaining how "Illmatic" was his best album of all time. 

Isak then gets distracted when Vilde and Sana greet Even and Sonja by the door. Emma tries getting Isak's attention again by grabbing his hand and placing it on the underwire of her bra, complaining about how it's poking her and commenting on wanting to take it off. Isak and Even exchange a look across the room before Isak chugs on his beer and kisses Emma. They make out on the couch for a while until they get interrupted by Even who says he finds them bonding a bit too much. Emma greets him with 'Endre' and Even mentions them being a team, before commenting on Isak's apartment. Emma states she loves it, and in particular Eskild. She asks if Even met him and Even states he hasn't. Emma then says she loves gay people and that they're hilarious. Even comments how it's a generalisation and when Emma asks how so Even point out it's like saying all muslims are terrorists. Emma argues that it's not the same, stating being hilarious is super positive and being a terrorist is super negative.Even states it's not about the content and what she says, it's the fact that she generalises a group of people. Emma states the conversation is boring and asks Isak to dance with her.

They dance and Isak catches Sonja and Even across the room as they do so. When Emma kisses Isak again, Isak kisses her back but his eyes are glued on Even and Sonja. At a certain moment Even looks back at him and Isak is shocked, so much so that he's barely moves and kiss Emma anymore. The scene then cuts to Eva stating they've ordered 4 cabs which are waiting for them outside.Isak is cleaning the beer cans and when Emma suggests sharing a cab with Even and Sonja, Isak states he has a bike and won't be going with the cab. Isak is in the kitchen as he hears the door close, and soon after Even walks in carrying some more beer cans.

Isak is confused as to why Even didn't take the taxi with Emma and Sonja, but Even explains he has a bike. They empty the beer cans and Even smiles at Isak, asking if he had a good time with Emma. Isak replies with "she's keen". Even then starts talking about him and Sonja and how they've been dating since they were 15 or something. He tells Isak they are drifting further and further apart but that he can't dump Sonja. Isak is a bit confused, and Even continues his story by explaining he can't dump Sonja because of her aluminium leg.

Isak is a bit in disbelief, but Even states she had her entire foot amputated. Isak is shocked and asks how it happened, to which Even explains she stepped on a landmine in Tjøme when she was nine years old. Isak states he didn't know that. Even says she's doing better with the help of good physiotherapist. He gets momentarily distracted as he is trying to come up with that word. Even comments that the therapy has improved her motor skills and that the aluminium technology has come a long way, finishing off the story by stating one can barely see she's limping.

That's when Isak starts laughing as he realises Even is joking, and Even laughs. Isak wonders how he can joke about something like that, and Even states that Isak was gullible to believe there were land mines in Tjøme. Isak argues he doesn't know and tells Even he can't joke about things like that while Even moves closer to Isak. Even then tells him that he could have joked about worse things. Isak disputes that, stating it's a serious thing to joke about. Even silences him by saying he could have joked about Sonja having a dick, which Isak huffs at.

A silence settles as they comment on how that would have gone too far, until Isak clears his throat saying aluminium technology wasn't the best thought-out part of the story, and Even laughs because that's apparently what gave him away. Isak is looking at the ground the entire time, only looking up once when he tells Even that Sonja is sweet, repeating her name over while he continues to avoid Even's gaze. Even then makes the move to come closer, and Isak is set on avoiding to look up until Even's face is close to his and they are about to kiss.

They get interrupted by a loud thud in the living room, and as they make their way over there we see Noora standing in the living room with her suitcases.


  • Isak texts his dad about rent money

Social Media

  • Isak posts a picture that says "If you don't remember her name in the morning, take her to starbucks".
  • On Monday, Noora posts a picture of visiting Tate Modern in London.
  • Isak posts a picture of Magnus.
  • Jonas posts a video of Magnus dancing.
  • At the revue party, Eva posts a picture of her and Vilde with the caption 'Just best friends'


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Song Artist Scene
Someone Great LCD Soundsystem Isak takes "The Gay Test"
Grieg: Holberg Suite, Op. 40-Preludium Marissa Jansons & Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra Isak, Jonas, Magnus and Mahdi watch the dance chicks dancing
Neon Commando Surferosa Pregame at The Kollektiv while Isak and Emma are talking
Papi Chulo... Te Traigo El Mmmm Lorna Pregame at The Kollektiv
Call Your Girlfriend (Sultan & Ned Shepard Remix Radio Edit) Robyn Isak and Emma dance. Isak spots Even dancing with Sonja.
Lite Og Stort No 4. Credits


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