Season 2, Episode 7 titled Noora, du trenger pikk (English: Noora, you need cock) is the eighteenth episode of Skam over-all.


The russ celebration has begun. Noora is still keeping her and William's relationship secret from Vilde. Eskild takes on the case to find out if Isak is gay or not. The girls party with the third year boys in their bus.



  • Isakyaki
Saturday April 23, 2016 (12.34PM)

Noora and Eva are in Noora's room hanging out. Eva then points out the Penetrators concept 'The Riot concept' but Noora says that Russ concepts aren't her speciality. Eva is looking through Chris' instagram, and Noora tells her she saw Isak getting into Chris' car the day before.

Eva then says "Imagine if they're in a relationship, how crazy would that be." but Noora argues that they don't have to be in a relationship to sit in a car together. She then says that it did look as if they were trying to hide it.

Eskild appears in the doorway asking what they're talking about, demanding she tells him. Eva wants to tell him, and she asks if Noora told Eskild about Isak. Noora tells her not to say anything to Eskild. Eskild says Noora is just jealous, and convinces Eva to tell him. Eva then explains the situation with Isak, and Eskild asks for visuals. He then goes through Isak's insta, joking that they talked on Grindr. He then calls Isak handsome, and Noora points out they don't know if he's gay. Eskild then says he will find out. Noora says he won't, that he's not a part of it. Noora asks Eva if she knows what she started.

  • Ikke vær deilig (English: Don't be nice)
Monday April 25, 2016 (11.11AM)

Noora and William are making out in the school basement. William then says he has to hurry to English, but continues kissing Noora regardless. Noora asks to see him after school but William says he has bus stuff so he postpones to tomorrow. He says he might stay at her place, and as he stands there Noora asks what's going on. William says he has a hard-on and tells her not to be delicious. Noora says it's physically impossible for her not to be, and William asks her to say a turn off. Noora then asks about meeting his brother. William says 'before the weekend maybe.'

He then says Vilde asked if they could party on their bus on Friday, and asks Noora if she's keen. Noora says she isn't, saying she can't be on the bus with him and Vilde. William then says he has to go, and when she reaches for him, he tells her not to.

Noora then joins Vilde and Eva in the recroom where they're talking about chlamydia. They then stare at Noora and her smudgy appearance. When Noora uses the excuse that she just ate, Eva makes a joke about it being because of a blowjob. Vilde laughs loudly at that.

Eva then says Vilde arranged for them to party with the Penetrators on Friday, saying they talked about who they wanted to hook up with. Noora says she doesn't want to hook up with anyone, when Vilde asks, but Vilde says that they get to party on the bus so it's a give and take. Noora says they don't have to give anything back, calling it the dumbest thing she's heard. She defends herself saying she doesn't have to hook up with anyone, and Vilde suggests Julian, saying he's sweet and feminine, Noora's type. Noora doesn't know what she's talking about and Vilde says she will fix Noora a hook-up.

  • Pikk (English: Dick)
Tuesday April 26, 2016 (5.15PM)

Noora and William walk into Noora's room at the Kollektiv, and William looks around for a little bit. They then make out on the bed. William asks if she remembers what she said about not having sex before she gets married, and Noora says she remembers. William then says it was very funny, and Noora says it wasn't a joke.

William says it's the same for him, stating it's cool to wait and Noora asks if he's serious and he says it's not. They then get interrupted by Eskild barging in, which Noora yells at him for. He asks who William is, and Noora introduces them. She then asks what he wants, and Eskild states he talked to Isak and says he's not gay. Noora points out William is right there, and Eskild asks if it's a secret that he's not gay. Eskild then says Noora is uptight, and he asks William to do something about it. William says he's trying, and Eskild claims Noora needs dick.

Noora receives a message from Vilde about someone she could hook up with. She tells William Vilde still thinks they're partying on the bus with them, and tells William to stop it. William points out that the guys are excited about partying with a Muslim, so it' still on. Noora asks why it's about Sana, and William says why not. Noora says she can't be on the bus with him and Vilde and that it's not going too well. William tells her to stay home then, and they proceed kissing.

  • Call Me
Wednesday April 27, 2016 (12:30 PM)

Noora and Eva are sitting in the windowsill at school when William texts Noora that she can't meet his brother because he returned to Stockholm. Eva then asks what Eskild says about Isak, and Noora tells her he chatted with him and that he really wasn't gay. Eva asks how he knows that, and Noora says they have their own language or something. Eva asks if she knows what they talked about, and Noora says she doesn't but that she's just glad Eskild wasn't convinced or he would have started stalking Isak.

Eva the notices Chris down the schoolyard and Noora jokes he and Isak will talk in secret characters. When Isak makes a gesture to Chris, Eva and Noora look at each other in disbelieve, saying it was obviously a 'call me' sign. Eva says they're in a relationship and Noora says it's not certain they are. Eva then says she will try to hook up with Chris and if he doesn't want to hook up, then she will be convinced.

  • Riot
Friday April 29, 2016 (8.41PM)

Noora and the girls walk up to the Penetrators bus and William waves at Noora as she walks in. They then party on the buss. Vilde then introduces Noora to one of the guys and Noora introduces herself, talking to him casually about Madrid while she looks over to where Vilde is talking to William. William then watches over at her too, and they smile at each other. William and Vilde's conversation seems awkward, and gets interupted when Chris walks up to William.

Eva then makes her way to Noora and and tells her she hooked up with Chris but that his phone started ringing with "Isak calling" on the display and then he pulled away. The Penetrators are then talking to each other, and they gather around to discuss something before leaving the buss. Noora asks William what's going on, and he tells Noora to stay at the buss, making her promise and insisting she stays there.

Eva asks what's going on and Noora says they have to stay there. They then walk outside, where they see the Yakuza guys. As the girls walk up to them, the guys start to get violent and the fight escalates when some of the guys end up on the ground, and William ends up smashing a bottle on a guys' head. The girls stand by shocked as the fight gets worse, and Noora walks away from it.


  • On Saturday, William & Noora text.
  • On Sunday, Noora and Eva text about Isak and Chris.
  • On Monday, the girl squad group text about the party Friday.
  • On Tuesday, William & Noora text about the differences in where they live (østkant/vestkant).
  • On Wednesday around noon, Noora & Eva continue their analysis of Isak & Chris. In the evening, Eskild pitches in to the conversation.

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Sexy Boy Air Noora and William making out at school
Clumsy Fergie Noora and WIlliam making out in her bed
Våren BODØ DOMKOR Slowmotion scene of the girls arriving at the bus
Overdoze 2016 ZL-project Song during the party - Noora and William look at eachother across the room
Barricade Axwell Song during the party
Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites Skrillex Fight scene between the penetrators and the yakuza
Step It Up DJ A-flash Fight scene witnessed by the girls


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