Season 2, Episode 5 titled Jeg er i hvert fall ikke sjalu (English: I'm certainly not jealous) is the sixteenth episode of Skam over-all.


Noora is worried that she isn't caring enough about the Syrian refugee crisis. William and his bus crew are raising money they owe after trashing a cabin during Easter, and Noora calls him out on being egotistical.



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Saturday March 26, 2016 (2.35PM)

Noora comes home and heads to her room where Eskild is with Lito, going through Noora's clothes. He clearly didn't expect her, and introduces her to Lito, explaining they were going through her clothes to see if there was anything she doesn't need. Noora tells Eskild that she can't do that.

When Lito asks if they're imposing, Eskild assures him that it's fine and he then makes a speech about refugees in Syria, trying to convince Noora. Noora says she could donate some, but not that specific top because it has meaning to her.

Lito's phone then rings and he leaves the room. Eskild calls Lito handsome, and Noora judges Eskild for using the crisis for getting with a guy. Eskild explains it's sexy and Noora says it isn't sexy but serious. Linn then walks in with a bunch of stuff to donate, and dumps it in Noora's room before she walks back.

Eskild calls Noora stingy and Noora says she cares, but that he just can't come in her room and take her clothes. When Lito returns he asks if everything is okay and Noora says it's finee. Eskild says they have a lot of stuff from Linn and they take it out of Noora's room telling her not to be stingy, grabbing some of Noora's clothes along the way regardless.

  • Obsessed

Noora is at Eva's, going through her closet and Eva throws out a bunch of clothes to give away. She complains to Eva that Eskild claimed she doesn't care. Noora says she does care, and that it's Eskild who doesn't care. She says he's just using it to get with Lito, who he is convinced is gay.

Noora then says she doesn't understand how people who are gay just assume everyone else is gay too. Eva then mentions that Isak and Sara broke up, saying she believes she broke up with him. Eva then finds a shirt of Jonas, saying she should probably get it back to him.

Noora asks her if she's talked to him since they got back, and Eva says she hasn't and that he might be a little emberassed for what happened at William's party. Eva says she wants them to be friends and if he still has feelings for her they should be able to talk about that, because she doesn't want it to get in the way of them. Noora says she thinks it's important they talk, and Eva says he can't ignore her when school starts again.

Eva then asks how it's going with her and William and Noora says there is no her and William. Eva says she knows that, and adds that Vilde would have a breakdown if she knew. She comments how she hasn't seen someone so obsessed with a person like Vilde with William.

Eva then wonders if Vilde would pay for a hook-up, and when Noora asks what she means, Eva tells her about the Penetrator fundraiser. Noora says she hasn't seen it, and Eva says she will show it. She explains they trashed a cabin and now the Penetrators are raising money to pay for it with 'Help the Penetrators' with an auction for hooking. Eva says they have a party on Friday. Noora calls it prostitution and Eva says she wouldn't be surprised if Vilde paid for a hook-up.

  • Fy faen så deilig (English: Goddamn so lovely)

Noora is at school at her locker when she spots Jonas and Isabell down the hall. As she watches them, William appears behind her and whispers in her ear. Noora turns around and calls him 'Willhelm' and William says it's lovely to see her. He asks if he missed her and Noora denies it, saying she didn't even miss him a little. He asks about her easter, and Noora said she had a fine one. William says his was a little wild.

Noora says she saw the event on facebook, and William says she has to come. Noora says she won't because it's the dumbest thing she's seen in her life, and she criticizes the hook-up auction. She points out it's actually illegal, calling it prostitution. William asks if she's jealous because he's hooking up with someone else, asking if that's why she's so grumpy. Noora says that she is not grumpy or jealous.

She says she thinks the event is horrible. She points out Europe is in a state of emergency and that people die of hunger. William asks what it's got to do with this and Noora says it's related because William chose to crash a cabin for 300K kroner while people are starving.

  • Hvilken verden lever du i? (English: Which world do you live in?)

Noora walks into the cafetaria while the girls are discussing the hook-up auction and how far the penetrators are willing to go to fix their mess. Noora pulls out lunch for Vilde, and eva prompts Vilde to ask Noora something. Vilde says they talked about helping the penetrators out of solidarity, saying they can use some of the budget for their bus. Vilde justifies them partaking in the hook-up auction.

Noora asks what world she lives in, and explains many people are suffering. She asks if Vilde thinks the penetrators are a good cause and that they should give money to a bunch of asshole kids who got drunk and trashed a cabin. Vilde says she shouldn't always be so uptight, and that the event brings the school together.

Vilde states the event helps the refugees more than them sitting at home would, and William tells her she should focus her energy on refugees instead of William. She asks about the hook-up auction, and Noora says they won't participate in it. When she asks about the party though, Sana says they will go. Noora protests, but Chris reasons with her. Vilde comments that if Sana thinks it's okay, suggesting Sana knows more about refugees than Noora does. Sana asks why she would, and that she was born in Norway. Vilde says she's from another culture, and Sana says she has the same culture as her. When Vilde points out Sana is Muslim, calling it another culture, Sana replies saying Islam is a religion.

Noora then receives a text from William saying that if it's important to her 10% of the funds will go to the refugees on the condition that she comes to the party. Noora says he's sick in the head, and William says she is if she doesn't come to the party.

Vilde complaints how everyone is seemingly ganging up on her, saying she put much of her soul into the project, not to be popular but to be with them because it's them she loves. She says she gives them everything and that they should give something in return.

Noora then makes a deal with William to change the percentage to 20%, and Noora announces they will go to the party. When Vilde insists on the hook-up action, Noora still says no. She asks if she wants to pay for a hook-up with William and Vilde says she would. Noora tells her it's prostitution but Vilde says it isn't if it's not sex.

William says she already won the hook-up auction so she doesn't have to be jealous. Noora texts back saying she's not jealous and she's not joining the auction. William insists that she is.

  • Help The Penetrators - and Syria

Friday April 1, 2016

The girls arrive at the event as they watch the banner to which Vilde claims they care about the refugees. Noora and Eva then spot Jonas, and before Eva can go up to him Noora says she has to tell her something. She tells Eva about Jonas and Isabell, saying she hoped he'd tell her himself. Eva tries to wrap her head around it and is quiet for a while. Noora says she thought it would be best if she heard it from him and that she maybe shouldn't have told her but he never said anything to Eva. Noora asks what Eva's thinking and Eva says it's fine, assuring Noora. Noora says she's allowed to be upset, and Eva pretends she isn't and that it's good that he moved on because they're just friends. Noora asks if she's sure, and Eva says she is sure and that they should just party.

The girls are partying inside while Eva is sulking over Jonas and Isabell, and Noora is watching William talking to Mari. Eva points out Jonas is in love with Isabell judging by the way he talks to her, which projects onto Noora who is looking at William. Eva says Jonas smiles a certain way, and asks Noora if Isabell is more pretty than her. Noora says she isn't. Eva says she doesn't understand why he didn't say anything and pretend like it's nothing. Eva says he should have introduced her to Eva.

Vilde then walks up to them saying they will arrive who won the hook-up auction soon. Vilde claims the girl who will hook up with William paid 3000 kroner. While Noora looks around the room now that she notices William is gone, Eva gets up and makes her way over to Jonas to introduce himself since he didn't introduce them. Noora follows after her and takes her away from Jonas and Isabell, where she falls on the ground. They then run into Isak at the party, and Eva states she missed him and that they don't hang out anymore. Eva calls him sweet, and then she tells Isak that Jonas has a girlfriend, a third year girl. Noora still scans the crowd for a sign of William. Eva says it's good to see Isak and tries to kiss him, but Isak backs away. Eva asks why he doesn't want to make out with her, and Isak says they'll drop it. Eva asks if it's because he likes girls, and Isak laughs it off to which Noora steps in and takes Eva away.

Vilde is over at the bar talking to Chris, asking him who won the hook-up auction when Noora walks up to her, asking her to take care of Eva. Eva hugs Vilde and Vilde suggests getting her some water. Eva complains that Isak doesn't want to make out with her and then asks if she wants to make out with her.

Noora goes over to William and asks him about the announcement of the hook-up auction. William points out she is pissed as usual. Noora asks him if he went around and told people bullshit, and William tells her to relax and have faith in him. Noora asks why she should, saying he cares about nobody else but himself. William states he cares because 20% of the funds go to the refugees, and Noora argues that it's only because she is there. William states the refugees don't care why they're getting money. Noora says he doesn't care for them, not for real. William says he cares about her, for real. Noora says he doesn't or he wouldn't have pressured her to come to the party. William tells her she doesn't have to be there, and Noora says she does or how else will the refugees get their money. William assures her that they will get their money either way.

Noora says she has to be there to watch Eva so she doesn't do anything stupid. William then glances over at Eva, asking Noora how she thinks that's going when Noora turns around and sees Eva making out with Vilde. Eva gets sick however, and says she has to throw up. William then asks Noora if she's not tired of the game yet, and Noora asks him which game. William says she's pretending not to like him, and Noora claims she's not pretending. William then comes up with a plan, and tells her to look him in the eye and say she doesn't like him, and then he'll be gone. Noora calls it the dumbest thing she's heard, but William tells her to look at him, and swears it. Noora looks at him and tells him that she doesn't like him. William walks past her and leaves the party.

Noora stays at the party for a few moments and then she goes after him. She runs up the stairs and makes it to the bridge before she calls out for him. She then tells him he doesn't have the right to be mad at her, and William turns around to look at her. He says he's not pissed at her. Noora says she's trying to do what's right and Noora calls what he's doing shit, because it's him trying to get his way. She calls him insanely selfish, manipulating and self-involved, and spoiled. Noora says that's why she doesn't like him. William asks if that's all and Noora says that it isnt. They look at each other from across the bridge and then Noora walks up to him and kisses him. Behind them, Eva is throwing up and Vilde is helping her, watching Noora and William in the meantime.


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Borders M.I.A. Girl squad walking to the penetrator party/fundraiser
Dancing On My Own Robyn Eva watches Jonas and Isabell, Noora sees William and Mari
Woops 2016 Bek & Wallin Party scene - Vilde talks to Noora and Eva. A drunk Eva makes her way to Jonas and Isabell. Eva clings to Isak before Noora pulls her away again.
East High 2016 Tix & The Pøssy Project Noora dumps Eva at Vilde and goes to find William. Eva and Vilde kiss.
Let It Happen Tame Impala William challenges Noora to look him in the eyes and tell him she doesn't like him
II Zealots of Stockholm Childish Gambino William leaves after Noora tells him she doesn't like him
Paradise Coldplay Noora and William Kiss
Love Me or Hate Me Lady Sovereign Credits


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