Season 2, Episode 2, titled Du lyver til en venninne og skylder på meg (English: You lie to your friend and blame me), is the thirteenth episode of Skam overall.


Rumors about her ex Jonas are spreading through school to Eva's dismay. Sana experiences hostility from some of the other Muslim girls at school. No longer can Noora avoid going on a date she promised William.



  • Tinder
Monday March 7, 2016 (9.15AM)

Noora is by her locker when two girls approach her, asking if she knows Jonas. When Noora says she does, the girls ask if he is together with someone. Noora says he doesnt think he is. The girls then ask about Eva, and Noora states she is not his girlfriend. The girls walk off and Noora sees William and Chris descend the stairs so she leaves. She then sits next to Eva who is making her homework. 

Noora then asks Eva if she talked to Jonas, and Eva says she did. Noora asks what happened Friday, and Eva says his phone died. Noora asks if he had fun at the party and Eva states they didn't get there because they went to a third year party, but she doesn't know whose. Noora says she doesn't know either and Eva says it was apparently very cool and that they should have gone there.

Noora then asks if he hooked with someone and Eva says she doesn't think so. Noora says t looks like the only thing they talk about is who he has hooked up with. Eva argues that they also talk about who she hooks up with. Noora says Eva hasn't hooked up with anyone since breaking up with Jonas, and Eva says if she had...

Noora then says maybe she should. Eva ays she'd gladly, but that she hasn't hit on anyone. Noora suggests Tinder. Eva asks what happened to Noora, but Noora defends herself saying she thinks it'd be good for Eva to get out there a little. Eva looks at her with a bit of disbelief, before she states she is not on Tinder. Noora asks her why not, but Eva counters by asking if she is. Noora says she certaintly isn't.

Eva then says they never talk about her love life, to which Noora says they have Spanish now and time is ticking cause Eva didn't make her homework. Eva asks why she changed the subject, and she asks who Noora hooked up with last. Noora says she should stop talking about hooking up because they have Spanish now. She jokes that hooking is the only thing Eva cares about, and that she's never heard her talk about anything else. Noora jokes she should get some help. Eva asks "With Spanish or hooking up" to which Noora replies with "both."

  • Seksuelle objekter
Tuesday March 8, 2016 (11.50AM)

Vilde, Noora and Eva are walking when Vilde asks if they should be wallfrlowers then. Noora clarifies it's not about being wallflowers, it's about how they present themselves. She says they shouldn't be perceived as sexual objects. Vilde says she just wants them to look pretty, using Noora's red lipstick as an example. 

Noora clarifies that she doesn't wear red lipstick because it looks pretty for guys, but because she thinks it's nice. Vilde doesn't get the difference to that.

William then texts Noora saying she looks good, wishes her happy Women's day and says he looks forward to their date Friday.

Vilde then walks up to Ingrid with Sara and Isak. Ingrid asks her how things are going and Vilde says they're going well with Brun of Bild as their sponsor. Eva and Isak nod awkwardly, before Isak tells Sara he's leaving and they kiss goodbye.

Vilde explains how she got the sponsorship by doing research after school, but says how she doesn't know for sure if they should have them as their sponsor because she doesn't want them to present themselves as sexual objects, claiming that is important to her. Vilde then states she also wants to be seen as beautiful individuals and to emphasize their femininity. 

After exchanging a look with Noora about Vilde's changed views within the last minute, Eva gets distracted by some girls talking as they watch Jonas walk across the school yard.

When Eva asks Sara and Ingrid why everyone is looking at Jonas, Sara wonders if she hasn't heard, and Eva says she hasn't, totally clueless. Sara then says there are rumors that he got a third year girl to come. After Eva asks questions, Sara tells her he went down on her, which confuses Vilde. When Vilde mentions what Eva had stated at the party, Noora tells her off.

Jonas then walks up to them to wish them happy Women's Day but things get awkward real quick with the five girls, two of which he dated. Noora then changes the subject, asking which class they have now, and Vilde says they have Norwegian. Eva makes a quick turn and is the first to walk away, the other girls following as they head to class.

  • Keen på sex
Thursday March 10, 2016 (12.05PM)

The girs are talking outside at school about Tinder, which Eva has made a profile for. She then tells Noora that she should come with her. Noora asks why, and Eva says the guy has handsome friends who are second years at Handels. Vilde comments on how the guy is called Adam and that it fits perfectly with Eva. Noora says Vilde should go with her then, but Vilde says she is heading to Stavanger. Sana says she has a basketball camp, and Chris has a cousin's birthday.

Eva begs Noora to come with her, saying Eva told her to meet new guys. Noora says she can't go, after which the group turns silent. Vilde then says she'll ask straight out, before asking Noora if she's a lesbian. As the other girls giggle, Vilde says there's nothing wrong with it defensively. The girls clarify they don't think there is. Vilde then says it's not weird she thinks so because Noora doesn't have sex and doesn't talk about sex. Noora states that just because she doesn't go around talking about wanting to have sex, doesn't mean she's lesbian. 

Eva then asks what she's doing tomorrow, and Noora lies saying it's Eskild's birthday. Eva asks if he's having a big party, but Noora says it's a small celebration. Noora suggests they meet up later, if they're going out. 

Sana then notices Jamilla and her friends behind her walking across the school yard. The girls exchange unfriendly looks, before Sana turns back to her friends once they're passed by. Vilde asks who she was, and Sana replies saying her name is Jamilla Bikarim and that she is her eldest brother's fiancé. Vilde asks how old she is in disbelief after hearing she's engaged. Sana replies saying she is 17.

Vilde asks if they're in a relationship, wondering why one would get married at 17. Sana then explains it's because they want to have sex, before walking off.

  • For Vilde

Friday March 11, 2016 (6.58PM)

Noora is getting ready for her date with William in her room, putting on a sweater. She stares in the mirror and then reads the quote next to it which says "Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always." She then considers, choses not to, and reconsiders applying her red lipstick. Eskld then knocks on the door and tells her she looks pretty, wondering what she's doing. Noora argues that she does not look pretty.

Eskild then says he got a Facebook-message from Eva, whising him a happy birthday. Noora asks him if he said it isn't his birthday. She says he can't say that it's not his birthday because she had to tell Eva it was his birthday due to the date.

Eskild asks who she has a date with, and Noora replies saying "an asshole called William". Eskild then wonders if this is Vilde's William which Noora denies. Eskild then jumps onto Noora's bed saying "drama". Noora repeats he isn't Vilde's guy, and that she is doing this for Vilde. Eskild tries to capture the logic, wondering how that's related.

Noora then explains why she promised to go on a date with him, if he apologised to Vilde. Eskild then understands the situation and wonders if Vilde won't be hurt when she finds out Noora's dating William behind her back. Noora receives a text from William saying he is outside. Noora clarifies she is not dating him, but that she goes on one date to get rid of him. She then says Vilde won't find out, because Eskild won't tell Eva that it's not his birthday as she drags him out of her room.

When she arrives downstairs William opens the door to his car for her from the driver's seat. Noora waits in the doorstep for a while, bracing herself, before she gets in. William smiles as he greets her with "Hi" and then asks her if she's ready. Noora asks "Ready for what?" and William starts the car. They drive through Oslo, with them occasually catching clances at one another. They eventually drive up to a bench higher up in Oslo, overviewing the city. 

William parks the car and Noora doesn't seem impressed. He then gets out to take a blanket and hot cocoa, asking her if she is coming out or staying in the car. When Noora doesn't move, he tells her "So cool to sit there and be pissed." He then closes the door of the car and walks to the bench a bit further away. Noora stays in the car for a little while longer, before she eventually gets out and joins William on the bench.

She sits far apart from him, on the other side of the bench and he passes her the blanket which she drapes over herself. He then fills her a cup of cocoa, which is one of Noora's favourite drinks. Noora doesn't seem to enjoy the offer, and William smiles a bit at that. 

He then points out a church in the distance, where his parents lived right next to it in a big creepy house with paintings on all the walls. He tells the story of how his brother said they came to live and walked around at night. He says he liked only one room, the TV room, called the blue room by his grandma. He describes how everything from the walls to the vases was blue. He describes the carpet, saying it was blue too. Then he smiles.

Noora asks him if she's kidding her, asking him if he thinks she falls for that kind of stuff. William asks her what she means. Noora clarifies everything about the date, the cocoa, the tragic childhood story. She asks him if he stole it from a high school movie. He says she's being cold, and Noora says she means it. William says they won't talk about his childhood story anymore. Noora says she doesn't want to talk about anything, that she doesn't want to know him and that she doesn't even really want to be there.

William asks why she is there then, and Noora says he pressured her. William says he didn't, asking her how he did. Noora explains he sent vilde messages and called her to get to her. William wonders why that is opressing, and Noora goes to say that Vilde shouldn't think there is something between them. William says there is nothing between us. Noora says he's twisting it, and that things are more complicated. William says it's not complicated, that Noora is lying to a friend and blaming him instead. Noora seems to be taken aback by that a little bit.

Noora says the point is that she is not interested in him and never will be. WHen he asks why not she calls him controling, selfish and that he uses people to get his way. She calls him cold and selfish, and he corrects her saying she already said that. 

Noora points out the scene at the school yard when he called Vilde not good enough, and Noora wonders how he could say something like that. William explains he didn't want her to be keen on him. Noora says he could've said it in a beter way. William wonders why, and Noora explains as to not hurt Vilde. 

William says there is no point in not hurting her when he doesn't want her to lime him. He states it's better to be clear so there won't be any doubt. Noora points out he destroyed her self-image. William then asks her if she thinks that's how it works, and what she asks what he means, William explains it's not possible to destroy her self-image with one comment. He says her self-image was already destroyed before that, if that was the case.

He then points out that if she saw it from his side she would see how Vilde liked him and wanted to sleep with him. He says he didn't promised anything. He then says Noora called him out in the middle of the school yard, and he asks her if she thinks that's right and fair. Noora is seen taking in his words, as they settle on a silence.

She then takes the cup of cocoa. When he points out she shouldn't have it warm, Noora says she likes it cold because it tastes like chocolate milk. Noora then tells him it was good that he apologised for telling her that. William asks if it is, hoping it was a smart plan because now she likes him again and he doesn't like her.

He says they'd end up in the same place then, before his phone rings. When it rings a second time he picks up, and he gets up asking "Where". Noora gets a snap from Eva and Eskild celebrating his 'bithday' before William announces they have to leave and that he will drive her home. Noora states, to avoid misunderstandings, that she has made up for it now and that she doesn't owe him anything.


  • On Saturday afternoon the girl squad chats about the party the day before. Vilde asks questions about Noora and William's phonecall.
  • On Monday, the kollektiv chats about Linn being sick.
  • On Monday evening, the gir squad discusses sponsors and going to the cabin for easter.
  • On Tuesday afternoon, Noora and Eva text about Jonas.
  • On Tuesday evening, Eskild and Noora text about International Women's day.
  • On Wednesday evening, Eskild and Noora talk about Eskild being on a date.
  • On Thursday the girl squad talk about Vilde's trip to Stavinger and school.

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We shouldn't be perceived as sexual objects
— Noora



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New Dawn Fades Joy Division Jamilla walks across the schoolyard with her friends
The Hills The Weeknd William and Noora in the car on their date
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