Season 2, Episode 11 titled Husker du seriøst ingenting? (English: You seriously remember nothing?) is the twenty-second episode of Skam overall.


Vilde visits Noora. Noora talks to one of the girls from Nikolai's party to find out the truth. William does not answer Noora's calls or messages and hasn't been seen at school.



  • London
Sunday May 22, 2016 (1.13PM)

Noora is in her room going through paperwork and pictures. Vilde then knocks on her door, asking if she's up for a visit from a friend. Vilde asks her what she's doing and Noora says she's throwing out stuff sh doesn't need. Vilde goes through some of her pictures, and she finds a picture of Noora with long hair. She finds another picture, from Noora's 9th grade which seems to make Noora sad.

Vilde asks her if she heard anything from William, and Noora says she hasn't. Vilde then says that Eva talked to Chris, who said William went to London, where his father lives. Vilde says it's probably just for the weekend because they have exams next week and William has to take his exam.

Noora says she will talk to Mari tomorrow, saying she sent a message asking to talk. Noora says to cross fingers that she is a little bit cool, but not so cool that she would've slept with her as well.

She then asks what Vilde wants to find out. Vilde asks her if she's hungry, and Noora says she isn't and that she has eaten. Vilde seems determined, and asks her if she likes tortilla. She then says that what's good about it is that it's made from potatoes. Vilde explains that bodies need potatoes, and goes to tell Noora what Noora told her back at the cabin.

Vilde says they should eat tortilla if she wants to get back together with William, and Noora smiles as they eat together.

  • Noia
Monday May 23, 2016 (3.15PM)

Noora is sitting by the benches waiting for Mari when Eva texts her saying William didn't show up for the exam, and that Chris can't reach him either. Mari then walks up to her and asks her what's up.

Noora thanks her for wanting to meet, and Mari guesses she's paranoid about Niko's party. Mari tells her not to be, and says she was sweet. Noora asks if she knows she slept with Niko, and Mari says she didn't. Noora asks if she is sure and Noora smiles in relief. She then asks if she slept with anyone else, and Mari asks if she was really stressed.

Noora says she was because she woke up naked, and Mari explains that she undressed herself. Noora asks her to explain everything, and Mari asks her if she remember throwing up on the sofa upstairs. Noora says she doesn't. Mari says she did and that she took her to the toilet, where Noora threw up again and then they drank some water. Mari then explains Noora wanted to lie in William's bed, saying Noora was obsessing about him saying she loved him. Mari recalls how Noora said William wasn't a good guy and how Noora didn't want to be that girl who falls for such a guy. She explains Noora smelled his pillow and said it smelled like him so she wanted to sleep in his bed, before which she started to undress herself. Mari explains why by saying that Noora told her last time they were in the bed he said she wouldn't wear clothes within two weeks, and that Noora knew he meant it and deep down hoped he was right. And by undressing herself he had been right in a way. Mari talks about how Noora passed after that.

Noora then points out she woke up naked next to Niko, and Mari explains he came in later. Noora asks her how she knew he didn't do anything, and Mari says it's because she was awake when he came in, and asked him to go but then he passed out and fell asleep.

Noora then said maybe he did something while she was sleeping, and Mari explains he was really fucked up and wouldn't even managed to get a boner. She tells Noora to forget it, saying she would have noticed it if someone had sex next to her. She assures Noora that she is totally sure she didn't sleep with Noora.

Noora then tells her he took naked pictures while she was asleep, and Noora says she reported him. When she says "Poor guy." Mari says she knew him when she was little and used to be scared of him. Mari says she's not scared of him anymore and just has pity on him. She says Noora was right reporting him though.

Noora ask about knowing him when she was little, and Mari explains she went to kindergarten with Amalie, his little sister, who was Mari's best friend. Mari explains Niko didn't have the easiest life, and that he has a different father than William and Amalie. Mari explains how neither Niko's biological and step-father wanted anything to do with him. She says their mother was a coward and weak. Mari recalls Niko having really sick tantrums in which he snapped completely. She says Niko used to be locked in his room and his mom would pretend nothing was wrong. Mari says it was interesting having dinner there.

Mari states how their mom left her sons to au pairs after the accident. She states neither Niko or William have much contact with their mother. Noora asks about the accident, and Mari explains that when Niko was 11 he stole the car from his stepdad and crashed it with William and Amalie inside. Mari explains how it wasn't his intention because he was a child, but Amalie broke her back and died.

Noora says "Fucking hell" and Mari says the story is quite dark. She explains William and Amalie were 8 years old and that the whole family was pretty much fucked up after that. Mari then says William is a good guy and that everyone thinks he's an asshole but he is actually very sensitive, he just keeps it inside.

  • WilliamMåSvare (English: WilliamMustRespond)
Wednesday May 25, 2016 (2.13PM)

Noora is sitting in a classroom with Vilde and Eva who are discussing chlamydia. Noora then gets a text saying someone's been living in their basement because there's a mattress and stuff on the floor. Linn asks if Noora knows anything about it, and Noora says that she doesn't. Noora then reads through the text she sent to William, saying nothing happened with Niko and that she loves him.

Sana and Chris then walk in, saying William is at the school and that he went to the headmaster's office. Noora then picks up her stuff and goes there. She checks the doors and listens to them to see if she can hear William. When he walks out, Noora says he hasn't replied to her messages. William replies his phone died, and Noora tells him she didn't sleep with his brother.

She slowly walks towards him, but William doesn't let her come too close. She then asks if they could talk, and William tells her he's moving to London. Noora says "Listen up, William Magnusson. You're a smart guy. So you ought to understand that I woudl never just let you move to London. Not before we talked. So if you really want to get rid of me, you have to meet me for a talk. Stop feeling so damn sorry for yourself." William agrees, and he says he'll text her.

  • Fredag Klokken 17 (English: Friday 5 PM)
Friday May 27, 2016 (4.55PM)

Noora is in her room cleaning up making sure things look tidy. She checks in the mirror and fixes the curtains. William then texts her that he is outside, and Noora finds him by the car, not intending on staying long. She walks up to him and says he wasn't kidding when he said he didn't have much time. William explains his plane leaves at 6.

William asks her if she wanted to talk, and Noora asks him why he's leaving to London. William says it's because he wants to. Noora asks him how long he will stay there, and William says he will stay for the rest of his life. Noora then asks "What about us." and William repeats that question. Noora asks if it's just over, just like that, and William says it is.

He claims he doesn't have feelings for her, and Noora tells him that he does, saying he is in love with her. She says that's why he's so cold. William says that's not true, and that he's cold because that's how he is. Noora says she always wondered how he was so smart, if it was to defend his asshole self. She asks if he just tells himself that he is like that.

She then asks if it's because 'his mother is a cunt' or because he had a tragic childhood. She asks if that's what he tells himself, that he can't be faulted for his own behaviour and that he is so sorry for himself. Noora tells him that's not true. She explains people go through horrible days all thetime and they still manage to be nice to others. She says being an asshole is a choice, and that it's a choice to let Niko destroy what's between them.

She asks him what the plan is, asking if he's going to be an asshole in London because his brother is horrible and because his girlfriend lied to him. She asks him if he's never going to let anyone in again because he might get hurt. She says "Believe me, you don't want that. It's really lonely."

She then moves closer, touching his face, and tells him that people need people. She adds that she loves him, and that he loves her. William leans into her, and Noora says they have to be together. He then looks at her and she asks him to say it. Instead, William pulls away and he says he has to go. He gets into the car and Noora watches him leave.

She stands there for a while, and then picks her phone out of her pocket, calling Eva. Noora explains what happened. Noora asks if she can come to her, and then the car drives backwards. William gets out and walks towards Noora. He turns her around, and smiles at her. They hug and kiss, standing in each other's embrace.


  • On Monday, Noora texts Mari. Noora texts William later that evening, and she also tells the girl squad that she didn't sleep with Niko.
  • On Tuesday, Noora texts William twice.
  • On Wednesday, Noora asks the girl squad for advice
  • On Thursday the girl squad text. Noora texts William asking to talk, to which he agrees an hour later. Noora informs the girl squad of the plans in the evening.
  • On Friday, Noora texts the girl squad an hour before meeting William. Noora later updates them on the situation after meeting William.

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