Season 1, Episode 11, titled Et jævlig dumt valg (English: A really stupid choice), is the eleventh episode of Skam, and the last episode of Season 1.


Vilde reveals that she thinks she may be pregnant. William continues to flirt with Noora. Isak and Eva talk things out, and Eva decides to have a heart-to-heart conversation with Jonas.



  • Dagen derpå (English: )
Saturday December 5, 2015 (10.21AM)

Eva and the girls are discussing last night in the kitchen when Sana asks if Eva's mom is never home. Eva says she is but that she got a new job so she has to travel a lot and that she's home every other week. Chris claims it's cool that she can do what she wants. Chris then juggles eggs and drops them, while Noora asks about Eva's dad. Eva states her dad lives in Bergen and that her parents are divorced. Eva says she moved when she was 12. Sana asks if she has contact with him and Eva says she does but that they lost contact when they moved because her dad got remarried and his new wife was a bit jealous.

When Vilde walks in, they greet her and they announce Noora made pancakes. They then move to the dining table to eat. Vilde doesn't say much and Noora puts a pancake on her place. The girls act like normal, but Vilde doesn't move much. She then clears her throat, and says she doesn't remember anything. Noora says nothing happened and that it's fine. Chris says blackouts are gods way to tell her there is nothing to wirry about. Noora says nothing special happened, and that Vilde just passed out, they took her there, and she slept. Eva then mentions which girl hasn't blacked out, to which the others look at her. 

Vilde then thanks them, saying she means it. Sana says she doesn't need to thank them, and that its why they're on a bus together, to help each other. Vilde asks if they still want her on the bus, and Sana asks her what she's talking about, saying she is their bus boss. Sana says 'You think any of us want to do the financials and the budget?' to which they all laugh. Vilde's mood visibly improves. 

Noora then says it can be stressful to be a bus boss, that it can interfere things. Vilde asks like what, and Noora says things like school. She looks at the other girls before adressing the subject, and then says "or a child." to which Vilde goes quiet again. Noora asks Vilde if she's pregnant, and Vilde nods. Noora asks her if she's sure, and Vilde says she is. Noora asks how sure, and Vilde gets up to take a test out of her bag. She puts it on the table and all the girls look at it, then look at each other. 

Noora jokes that they will have to have another visit to doctor Skrulle, trying to lighten the mood. 

  • Slutt å lek så jævla interessant (English: )
Monday December 7, 2015 (1.39PM)

Eva and Noora are walking down the stairs when Eva mentions Justin Bieber again. She shows Noora something, and Noora admits she saw that. Justina then approaches them, inviting them to the tree lighting on Friday. She asks if they'll come, and Eva says maybe. Justina says they have to because the entire school will be there. Eva agrees that they will come then, and they walk off. 

William then walks up behind them and greets Noora with "Hi beautiful." Noora replies with "Willhelm, wow." He then asks her why she hasn't replied to his texts, and Noora claims she didn't have power, for two weeks. William is amused, and asks her if they should skip the next class. Noora tells him to give up, and William says he won't. Noora then says he's wasting his time. William then says "Listen up, Noora Amalie Sætre. You're a smart girl, you have to know that every time you reject me, I will only want you more. So if you really want to get rid of me, just go on a date with me. Stop playing hard to get."

Noora scoffs and comments on his smart logic. She asks him if that was all, and William says there's one more thing. He then says 'Fucking hell, you're beautiful." to which Noora smiles and she walks past him, a bit startled. William tells her to just tell him what to do. 

Eva and Noora then walk into Isak outside the door, and Isak says they maybe should talk. Eva agrees, and Isak asks when she can. She says she has lots to do this week, but proposes Thursday. He then leaves, and Noora asks what's going on with him. Eva tells her he is in love with her. 

  • Gravid (English: Pregnant)
Tuesday December 8, 2015 (10.30AM)

Eva and the girls arrive at the doctor's office and the doctor greets Sana with "Salaam Alaikum." Noora then announces Vilde is pregnant, and the doctor comments that it was fast. She then asks if she should congratulate Vilde, and Noora says she's not going to keep the child. Sana says that it's completely up to Vilde herself. Noora states she is 16 and that she is still a child herself. The doctor then tells a story about the world's youngest mother. 

She then says that they should do a blood test. Vilde says she already took a test on Friday. The doctor looks at it and asks if she had sex on Friday. Vilde says she hasn't, and Chris asks if she's certain because there are a few hours she blacked out.

The doctor then says the test is an ovulation test, and explains what it means. The girls then all cheer, and Vilde says there is more, stating she is sick in the morning and that she has a bloated stomach that has gotten bigger. The doctor examines her and asks about her diet. Vlde states she at a cola light and gum since it's early in the morning. The doctor says there isn't a baby in her stomach, but air in her intestines. The doctor explains how her diet of gum and cola light caused it. The doctor jokes about a colostomy. She then tells Vilde she can't live on cola and gum, and that's the point she's trying to make. 

The girls leave the doctor chearing that they won't have a child, and Noora pulls Vilde apart. She says she sees what she's doing and that she has to stop it. Vilde says she doesn't know what she's talking about, and Noora says she does. Vilde says Eva stuffs herself with pancakes and she looks like a supermodel. Noora then tells her that she is very pretty, and Vilde replies saying 'but not enough'.

  • Jævlig ærlig (English: )

Thursday December 10, 2015 (2.23PM)

Eva and Isak walk up to the park and they sit down on a bench to talk. She tells him he has to be completely honest with her. She states that if she doesn't believe him, she'll ask Jonas and tell him why she's asking. Isak says he understands.

Eva then asks him about back at the cabin, when she asked if he knew Jonas and Ingrid texted. Isak admits he knew it was because of her brother. Eva asks if it wasn't about french, and Isak says it wasn't, or maybe also about it, but that Jonas was just stressed about bringing the stuff on the cabin trip. Isak explains Jonas couldn't contact Ingrid's brother, so he sent Ingrid a message instead. 

Eva then asks if they smoked at the cabin, and Isak explains that it's the reason Elias came, because Jonas didn't get the stuff before they left. He says he doesn't want to criticize her, but he's surprised she didn't notice it. 

Eva then asks about the time she heard Ingrid's voice on the phone, asking if he knew anything when she asked him. Isak says he didn't know, but that he could've known it was because of her brother. He says he promised Jonas that he wouldn't tell Eva about him smoking. He says he kept his promise, but Eva says he advised her to talk to Ingrid. Isak says it was plain bad advice. He says he should've told her not to worry about Ingrid, and that Jonas was more in love with Eva then ever.

Eva then says it would have been cool had he told her a bit earlier. She then asks that if he wanted to fuck things up between her and Jonas, why didn't he advise her to tell Jonas about Chris. Isak replies saying he knew Jonas would have forgiven her if she told Jonas herself. Eva points out that sounds messed up to her, and she states she feels like she doesn't know him anymore.

Isak then says he knows it might be hard to believe but he never wanted to hurt her, and that it just turned out that way. Eva then looks at him, and he apologizes. Eva says "Karma is a bitch. If nothing else, she now knows how Ingrid must have felt."

Eva then hugs Isak goodbye and walks home. Down the road she spots Jonas and his sister talking. She calls him up and asks him how he's doing. He says things are going good. She asks what he's doing, and Jonas replies "Just Christmas stress." His sister then makes a comment, and Eva asks who that was. Jonas answers saying it was his sister, and that he swears. Eva says she believes him, and she then reminds him what he told her about calling him when she found out who she is. She asks if he wants to meet, and Eva jokes he is probably now going to smoke now, so she tells him to come tomorrow morning. Jonas ends the call, and Eva smiles at him from where she's standing at a distance.

  • O Come All Ye Faithful
Friday December 11, 2015 (2.32PM)

Eva opens the door for Jonas and then offers him some tea. They drink it, and Jonas mentions it's hot. Eva looks at him from across the kitchen. They then move to the window, and Eva asks him if he remembers the first time they kissed. Jonas laughs, and says of course he remembers. Eva asks him what he remembers.

Their conversation gets cut by flashes of them no longer talking but standing close, looking at each other.

Jonas says it's a bit weird to talk about, and Eva tells him to say it. Jonas says that the thing was he didn't know she felt the same thing he did. He says she was best friends with his girlfriend so it was a risk to take. He says if it didn't go well it would have been weird. Jonas says he was looking for a sign that he should kiss her, and he mentions Take Me To Church, which was playing the entire time. He says that he thought if that song came on next, he should go for it. Eva asks if it did, and he said it didn't. Jonas says there was a Kygo song, saying she then kissed him.

Eva then says that what he doesn't know was that she was thinking the same thing about needing to have a sign, and she thought it about a Kygo song. He then says that it's not why she kissed him, and Eva says it wasn't.

She says she kissed him because she couldn't refrain herself. She says it wasn't like she was with him because it seemed cool. He asks if it wasn't, and Eva says that him accusing her of that angered her a little. Eva says she felt like she had to give up everything to be with him, ditching her best friends. She says that the things he told her at the skatepark were really unfair, because it's not true. She states it's not true because she chose him, and that it was a stupid choice but at least she didn't do it to be popular.

When Jonas asks about it being a dumb choice, she says it was because it made her feel like shit. She says she walked around paranoid all the time thinking there might be something between him and Ingrid. She explains how she thought if he could do something like that to Ingrid, he could do the same thing to her. She asks if he understands, and Jonas nods.

Eva says maybe she thought she deserved it, and that she became insecure and desperate, and that his opinion mattered more to her than her own. She states that's not how it's supposed to be. Eva says she has to find out what her own opinion is, and that she has to do that on her own.

The scene then cuts to them making out. They then get to Eva's room, where they have break-up sex. We then see a scene from when they started talking in the very beginning, where Jonas asks if they break up now. Eva says she thinks so. He asks her if that's what she wants, and Eva says she doesn.

Afterwards, Eva and Jonas lie in bed. Jonas says that right now this seems like the most important thing, and as if nothing else has meaning. Eva says they'll just lie there for now.

They get to the tree-lighting party together and smile at one another. They then join their friends, and Eva talks to Chris and Sana. She waves at Iben through the crowd, and Iben waves back. She then spots Isak, and tells the girls she's going to talk to him.

She tells him her and Jonas broke up, and Isak nods. Eva says she thought she should tell him. Isak asks if everything is okay. Noora then walks up to them and hugs Eva, before asking if she's seen Vilde. Eva says she hasn't, and Noora asks if she's going to come. Eva says she thinks so, yes. Noora then asks if she can use Eva's phone, but when the battery is empty, Isak offers his phone instead. She says Isak has to unlock it, and asks him if he has Vilde's number. Isak says he doesn't.

Ingrid then walks up to Eva and says she wants to wish her Merry Christmas. They hug. Eva then spots Vilde, and tells her Noora is looking for her. When Vilde asks why, Eva jokes that Noora might be worried about Vilde blacking out. William then walks up to Vilde, and he reminds her of when he said she wasn't good enough. He then tells her that it was bullshit, and that she is more than good enough. He adds that everyone who says otherwise, is an asshole, including himself. He then walks off again, and Vilde turns to Eva, shocked. Vilde says she has to go and tell Chris and Sana.

Eva then spots Chris in the crowd, before Noora walks back up to her. Eva then says she saw Vilde and that Noora will never guess what just happened. Noora ignores that, and reminds Eva how she told her it was a little weird that Isak had feelings for her. Eva remembers, and Noora then says she thinks it might not be her who he has feelings for.

She then shows Eva Isak's phone, and his browser history which includes gay porn. The two of them look over at Isak, who is standing with Jonas and looking at him lovingly. Eva and Noora look back to each other.


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Your opinion meant more than my own. And that’s not how it should be.
— Eva to Jonas



Song Artist Scene
Et Juleevangelium Klovner I Kamp Noora is cooking breakfast. Chris is juggling eggs.
Hello Lover Empires William runs into Noora.
Teardrop Massive Attack End of Eva and Isak's talk. Eva walks and spots Jonas.
Take Me to Church Hozier Eva and Jonas talk and have break-up sex
O Come All Ye Faithful Art Garfunkel Ending scene
Gay Bar Electric Six Credits song


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