Hate doesn't derive from religion, it derives from fear.
— Sana

Sana Bakkoush is a recurring character in the first, second and third season of Skam, and the central character of the fourth and last season. She is a student at Hartvig Nissen and friends with Eva Kviig Mohn, Noora Amalie Sætre, Vilde Lien Hellerud and Chris Berg. She is also the friend and biology partner of Isak Valtersen.

Early life

At some point prior to the series, Sana started playing basketball and has gathered several medals in it, which can be seen hanging in her room.

Sana met Even at some point before Season 3 as he was part of her brother's group of friends.

Throughout the Series

Season 1

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Thursday October 7, 2015
Sana is introduced when Vilde, Eva are talking at the announcement board at the school. Chris walks up to them saying Sana wants to join their bus meeting. Vilde asks them where they met to which Sana replies they met at the Ramadan program at the mosque. Chris then clarifies they have German together.

When Vilde inquires if it's okay for Sana to join their bus, asking if it's true that that Muslims aren't allowed to be a Russ. Sana jokingly replies it's punished by stoning.

Sana than asks when the meeting will take place and Chris says it will take place the next day. Eva answers she will be hosting when Chris asks about it. Sana says she will add her address into her GPS, before saying goodbye with 'auf wiedersehen', goodbye in German.

Friday October 8, 2015
At the bus meeting, Vilde passes around pastries when she explains how their bus will have a big advantage because they already purchased 40.000 kroner worth of toilet paper with the credit card of another bus.

Vilde states they are left with a profit of 60.000 Kroner, and she informs the other girls that they will need 50.000 next to the toilet paper sales. She asks the girls for an individual plan on how they plan to raise the remaining money.

Sana seems to disagree with this, and when Vilde asks her if there's something, Sana comments that they're wasting time on toilet paper and that it's not enough. After Vilde argues it's important to have an overview, Sana continues to make Vilde see things realistically:

Sana explains how they are the losers at school, and that they need a strategy if they don't want to end up in a loser bus. When Vilde argues that they're not the losers of the school, Sana counters by saying she was thrown out of another bus, which Chris confirms.

Sana talks to Vilde directly when she says it'll be hard if she denies everything, and she proposes Vilde acknowledges that they're losers. When Vilde asks if she considers herself one, Sana scoffs and explains she is a Muslim girl in a faithless country, thus making her the biggest loser of them all. Chris comments on how Sana talks very maturely, which Sana thanks her for.

When Vilde asks what Sana proposes they do, Sana explains her plan for recruiting more girls, cool girls specifically. When she asks Vilde how to do that, Vilde suggests asking them, but Sana says 'wrong' and goes on to state that they ask nothing but that the cool girls ask them. Sana says they first need something they don't have, a four-letter word. After Chris wrongly guesses 'spenn', Sana replies with 'cred' and she goes on to ask if they know any '97 guys.

When the answer is no, Sana moves on to say they need to find out which 97'ers have the best bus, and get themselves invited to their parties and their buses. When she asks the girls how, and they don't reply, Sana says they have to hook up with them.

Eva asks if she's kidding, and when Vilde points out how Sana said "you guys", Sana explains she's not hooking up. Vilde goes on to ask her what she will contribute, to which Sana replies a bit shocked with "Are you kidding me? I'm rescuing you here with a strategic plan and you're wondering what I'll contribute?"

Sana continues explaining her plan, asking if any of the girls have a boyfriend to which Eva raises her hand. When Sana asks how old he is, Eva replies he is a 99'er like them, and Sana tells her to dump him.

Noora then pitches in asking Sana if she's serious, and Sana reasons that Eva is the prettiest girl there, saying it'd be a waste if she has a boyfriend. Noora comments how it's really stupid, and she makes a stand by saying they can't be asked to use their sexuality in exchange for credibility.

When Noora calls her crazy, Sana says she is just being honest and she explains how Norwegian girls exchange sex for money, popularity and acknowledgement every day. She goes on to say how they might disagree on values but that it's not news, because it's their culture. Sana says it's crazy, so they should try to change it instead of criticizing it.

This renders most of the girls silent, and after a moment Vilde comments how it's a little much to ask Eva to break up with her boyfriend. Sana replies saying it was just a suggestion, and that Eva can think for herself because she is not a child. As the group processes everything, Sana comments how she thinks the meeting went well.

Season 2

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Season 3

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Season 4

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Sana is the central character of season 4


Sana is very protective of her friends, as seen in season 1 when the Pepsi Max gang called Vilde a "slut", and now In season 4 Sana still has a grudge against them for it. Sana is very confident in her own skin, and is quite sassy and maybe a little mean at some point, but she is also very kind, caring and reasonable

Physical Appearance

Sana has brown eyes, darker skin than her friends and dimples. She always wears a hijab and dresses mostly in black. She is of average build and height.


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Despite Sana and Eva' first connection including Sana's advice that Eva dumped Jonas, Sana and Eva are good friends.

Sana and Vilde are good friends. Vilde wasn't a fan of the idea of Sana joining their Russ bus originally, but she came around when Sana proved to be an asset to the team, and most of all a good friend.

Sana and Noora have a good friendship. They recognize each other as strong women, yet they are able to talk about their feelings, like when Noora told Sana about her and William.

Sana and Chris are close friends. They met through German class, following which Chris introduced Sana to Vilde, Eva and Noora. During fall break, Chris and Sana schemed to scare Eva, Vilde and Noora in the cabin. They're also seen riding hoverboards in the school yard.

Sana and Isak's friendship started out as biology-partners, but later grew into a real friendship. While working on their project, Sana and Isak exchange ideas about their views on life. Sana admits she wasn't right when she talked about homosexuality, and is later shown supportive of his relationship with Even. For Christmas, Sana gave Isak the 10% of the drugs she hid for him after the party at Eva's at the beginning of the third season.

Family relationships


In Season 2 Sana mentions her brother's engagement to Jamilah. She doesn't appear to be particularly close to him.


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I'm a Muslim girl in a faithless country. I'm the biggest loser of them all.
— S1 E3
Hate doesn't come from religion. It comes from fear
— {{{2}}}
War doesn’t start with violence, it starts with misunderstanding and prejudice. If you say you’re in favor of a world full of peace, you have to try to understand why others think and act the way they do. You have to accept that not everyone sees the world the way you do. You can’t just believe that everyone has the answers to what is right and wrong.
— Sana to Noora
If you say you're in favor of a world full of peace you have to try to understand why others think and act the way they do.
— {{{2}}}
You don't judge your friends, and you stand up for them no matter what
— Sana to Vilde, S1 E8
You talk too much
— Sana to Vilde
Vilde, no one is forcing me to wear it. I wear it because I want to
— Sana about her hijab
I say we milk those sexist motherfuckers for every penny they have
— Sana about their sponsorship
You are strong and independent when you can change your opinions
— {{{2}}}
You have to accept that not everyone sees the world the way you do
— {{{2}}}
Sana: What are you talking about?
Vilde: My integrity
Sana: You don't have any. Next question.
— {{{2}}}
Islam is a religion, Einstein
— Sana to Vilde
Penetrator:Wanna join me in the back of the bus and sit on my face?
Sana:Why should I? Is your nose bigger than your dick?
— {{{2}}}
Vilde: In "The Game" it says that boys don't reply to make girls more interested?
Sana: If I were you, I would put down "The Game" and start reading "He's just not that into you.
— {{{2}}}
Noora:Who would've thought? Sana has a soft side.
Sana: If you fucking tell anyone...
— {{{2}}}

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