Mahdi Disi is a recurring character in the third and fourth season of Skam. He is a student at Hartvig Nissen School.

Early life

Throughout the Series

Season 3

Season 4

Monday, 4 April 2017 (1:28pm)
Mahdi appears to be helping Even and Isak with their new apartment (along with Jonas and Magnus). Sana tells Even and Isak that she's late because she took the tram the wrong way. Mahdi laughs saying he's heard that before which made Even and Isak laugh, because this is what Mahdi does/says when he's too lazy to go.

Mahdi is seen at the karaoke bar chatting with the Boy Squad. He also sings along with them when they see that Even looks uncomfortable. He is involved in the fight against Elias and his group (excluding Yousef). He and his friends go to the hospital because of Isak's injuries.

Mahdi makes a very brief appearance when Sana walks past everyone.

Mahdi is invited to Eva's party. He can be seen talking to various people and dancing with Elias in front of everyone.

During Jonas' clip, Mahdi laughs at Sara when she asks if there's going to be alcohol at Sana's Eid party. When Jonas tells the Boy Squad that he just got a message from Penetrator Chris, Mahdi is confused and asks what he wants from Jonas. Jonas tells them the message and Mahdi laughs. Mahdi is in the show's final clip talking to various people.


Physical Appearance

Mahdi has dark skin and he has brown eyes and his hair is shaved to his scalp. He often wears snapbacks. He is of average height and average build.






Mahdi was first seen fighting against them outside the karaoke bar. He is then seen happy and chatting with them during Eva's party and the show's final clip.


Character Appearances
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Penetrator Chris? What does he want?
— Mahdi to Jonas

Social Media

Mahdi has a private Instagram account.

Notes and Trivia

  • He tells Isak that his mother has been stressed out ever since he was born.
  • He likes waffles.
  • People often percieve him as Muslim but he's actually Catholic




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