Magnuss Fossbakken is a recurring character in the third and fourth season of Skam. He is a student at Hartvig Nissen School.

He is a friend of Isak Valtersen, Jonas Noah Vasquez, Mahdi Disi and Even Bech Næsheim as well as the boyfriend of Vilde Lien Hellerud.

Early life

Although not much is known about Magnus' early life, we know that he grew up with a mother who is bipolar, as revealed in Season 3, Episode 9.

Throughout the Series

Season 3

Sunday October 2, 2016 At around 1AM, Magnus is in the bathroom at Eva's house talking about which girls are fuckable while smoking with Mahdi, Isak and Jonas. They then leave the bathroom as Isak is making out with Emma.

Monday October 3, 2016 On Monday at lunch, the boys are talking in the cafetaria. Magnus tells his story about hooking up with a girl with a cat tongue. Jonas enlightens Magnus on the fact that girls love it when you go down on them.

Wednesday October 12, 2016 The boys join Isak in the school yard when he is talking to Vilde, who invites them to the pregame Isak is hosting. The boys laugh at this a little bit, and Vilde is visibly annoyed. After Emma invites them to her pregame, Vilde is left a bit stunned at her nerve, and she complains that Emma ruins the system, leaving nobody for the second year girls to hook up with anymore. Magnus then thinks he has a chance and says he'll gladly volunteer if she wants to fuck, and Vilde shuts him down saying "Don't be rude". The boys then walk off while Magnus is confused about what just happened, asking if she's playing him.

Friday October 14, 2016 Friday after school Isak, Jonas, Mahdi and Magnus are walking down the road after school. Magnus claims he's going to fuck a girl today and go down on her. He says the guys are going to help him and Isak jokes he's going to give on-the-job advice. They all say they're stoked, before Isak splits off from the group, promising he will get them beer.

Wednesday November 23, 2016 Magnus and Mahdi are sitting in a classroom, playing the song Solo One by J Hus. Isak and Jonas walks in and invites them to Isak's pre-party, which Magnus and Madhi agree to come to. Magnus mentions that he has heard a rumour about the feud that Isak and Madhi had in episode 5. The rumour implied that they were fighting because Isak was gay and Madhi was Muslim, and therefore homophobic. Madhi gets upset because the rumour is false. He is neither homophobic nor Muslim. Jonas looks at Isak in a manner which suggests that he should come out to Magnus and Madhi right now. Isak tells them that he and Even used to have "a thing" and Magnus is really shocked, because "You hook up with girls every weekend." Madhi suggests that Isak might be pansexual, and they talk about the difference between bisexuality and pansexuality.

Season 4


He seems self-conscious constantly about being a virgin in season 3. He is shown to be very kind and understanding towards the mentally ill. This is shown with how he interacts with Even and his mother.

Physical Appearance

Magnus has light blond hair, grey eyes, and fair skin. He has visible marks from his acne. He is of average build and height.


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  • Note: David Sjøsholt, the actor who portrays Magnus, can be seen as a background character several times before Magnus was properly introduced in S3. He isn't credited as Magnus for these episodes, as he was an extra on set those days.
    • In 1x07 he can be seen as one of the guys breaking up the fight between Iben and Eva
    • In 1x09 he is seen at the school yard before Eva confronts the Rad girls.
    • In 1x10 he is at the Christmas party
    • In 2x12 he is one of the people attending the party.


She is not crazy. She is bipolar. She is amazing.
— Magnus about his mom.
I'm a virgin and I would really like to have sex.
— Magnus to Vilde, S3 E10

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