"Whether you believe in Allah or Jesus or evolution or parallel universes there is only one thing we know for sure. That life is now."
— Isak

Isak Valtersen is the main character in Season 3 and a recurring character in the first, second and fourth seasons. He is a student at Hartvig Nissen School and Even's boyfriend.

Early life

Isak grew up and attended school in Grefsen.

Throughout the Series

Season 1

Tuesday September 22, 2015
Isak is introduced in Season 1 interrupting a kiss between Jonas and Eva, talking about the grade he got on a paper. He asks Eva about hers, but Eva says she doesn't want to talk about it. Isak then tells her since Jonas is her boyfriend she tells him everything. And since Jonas is his bro, he tells Isak everything, explaining the logic in how he will know anyway. Jonas confirms this. Isak then interrupts another kiss by declaring they're leaving to meet Elias. Later that night Isak calls Eva on skype. When Eva asks about being with Jonas and being at Elias, Isak replies saying that was a while ago. They then discuss Sara Nørrstelien and Pepsi Max. Isak encourages Eva to talk to her before Eva ends the call because Jonas arrived.

Thursday September 24, 2015
Jonas convinces Eva to invite Isak to the cabin in exchange for going to the revue party, stating he doesn't want Isak to be by himself. Eva agrees, right before Isak walks up. Isak states they can't go to the party because they have Kindred Fever tickets.

Saturday September 26, 2015
Isak suggests the trio goes to see Straight Outta Compton in the movie theatres as a way to kick off their vacation. Jonas and Eva agree, and Isak suggests to bike over to Jonas' house so they can play Call Of Duty before they leave to the cinema. Jonas agrees at first but Eva reminds him they had made plans already. Jonas apologizes, saying 'my girl needs me' to which Isak replies "But who needs me". Later that night Eva posts a picture of the three of them at the movie theatres as well as a video on instagram.

Tuesday September 29, 2015
On Tuesday early in the morning, Isak walks in on Eva and Jonas making out, following which he sings 'Lonely' in the other room. Jonas later goes to him, unhappy with the fact that Isak walked in on such an early hour.

Wednesday September 30, 2015
Isak, Jonas and Eva spend wednesdayevening by the lake, where Jonas plays his guitar and they roast marshmellows. Isak requests he plays the song 'I'm Yours' to which Jonas replies Isak only knows gay songs. Isak denies it's a gay song, which Eva backs him up on. When Jonas replies to Eva saying he got a text from Elias, Isak comments 'your new lover'. Jonas asks what he's talking about, deflecting, but Isak pushes on. When Elias calls, Isak jokes about Jonas's romantic future with Elias while Jonas is on the phone with him. When Jonas walks off, Eva asks Isak about Jonas and Ingrid. Isak tells her she should ask Jonas, but clearly he knows more about it. He asks Eva why she is wondering, and she explains she saw the text notification. Eva presses Isak to tell her, knowing he knows what is going on and asking him to tell her in the promise that she won't get angry and that she won't tell Jonas he told her anything. Still Isak is reluctant to say anything, only revealing Jonas and Ingrid talk a little. The mood lightens again when Jonas plays 'I'm Yours' anyways.

Thursday October 1, 2015
Isak is playing Trivial Pursuit with Jonas and he decides to ask Eva a question too. When she says she doesn't want to play, Isak says they'll stop nagging if she just answers the question (Who is the first female prime minister of Norway). Eva answers wrongly, at which Isak and Jonas laugh a little. Isak joins in when Eva opts to play 'My ship is loaded with' which gets cut off with the arrival of Elias. When Elias greets all three them and asks about the sleeping arrangement, Jonas says he'll share a room with Isak. Elias comments about sleeping with the gay guy, Isak replies asking why everyone calls him like that, to which Elias continues the mock by saying he is. Unpleased with the comment, Isak looks at Jonas who explains it was a joke.

Friday October 2, 2015
Jonas and Elias are jamming on the guitar while Isak helps Eva setting the table. After Jonas comes into the kitchen and announces to Eva that they're going to have a smoke, Isak trails after him. He makes sure to ask once more if she doesn't need any help, before heading outside with the other guys.

After Jonas scared Eva, who came outside to look for them when dinner was ready, they head back inside. As they start dinner, Isak watches an argument about Ingrid unfold between Jonas and Eva. Despite of this, he and Elias are both seen grinning, as they are probably still high. After Jonas gets left outside of the bedroom, Isak comments 'She is mad'.

Season 2

Monday February 29, 2016

Isak is shown in the very beginning of season 2, making out with Sara. Noora smiles at Eva when she notices because they suspect that Isak is gay. Chris is disappointed since she had a crush on him and says "I didn't think she was her type", to which Noora replies "Me neither, actually", implying that Isak's type is men. They talk about how Isak and Sara got together, and Eva mentions that the couple were together in ninth grade. Noora then says that Isak is over Eva, and Chris is confused about what she means.

Season 3

Isak is the central character of Season 3


In the first season he is a bit awkward and tends to hide behind Jonas. By season three he is a bit more confident but still is very scared of what others think. Over the course of the season becomes more confident as he learns to accept his sexuality. In the final episode of the series he stands up for himself against a homophobe who yells at him and Even when they are making out in the courtyard.

Physical Appearance

Isak is tall and skinny. He has short, wavy blond hair and green eyes. He often wears snapbacks.


Romantic relationships

Main article: Even and Isak

Isak first noticed Even in the school cafeteria and later on they met at the Kosegruppa meeting. They hung out the next week and Isak met Even's girlfriend, Sonja, who he brought to the neon pre-party at Isak's. They almost kiss at the party, but get interrupted. The week after that, at Halloween, they ditch Emma and Sonja and head out for a bike-ride. They end up at someone's pool, and they kiss. They spend most of the weekend in Isak's room, and back at school they have a talk in the locker room. Isak, unaware of it at the time, pushes Even away by commenting on mental illness. After Even asks for some time, Isak spots him back with Sonja, and Isak is upset about this. He eventually tries to resolve his internal issues by coming out to Jonas, stating Even has been the reason he has been acting strange. He previously also talked about Even to Eskild, and later to Mahdi and Magnus. The boys help Isak reuniting with Even. They have breakfast together the next morning and meet up in the afternoon, after which they decide to check into a hotel where they sleep together. After this Even's mania causes him to leave the room, and Isak meets up with Sonja who tells him Even is manic. He talks about this with Magnus, trying to understand Even's actions. When he is at church with his parents he gets a text from Even, and a concerned Isak rushes to Even at the school. Isak takes Even home with him, and looks out for him during his depressive episode, enlisting the help of the Kollektiv. At the end of the season Even attends the Kosegruppa Christmas party, and Isak agrees to Even's proposal to meet his mother. When talking to Eva about his relationship with Even, Isak mentions things are hard, but that he is happy he has met him, because it has changed him.



Isak and Jonas are best friends, and have been since childhood. In Season 1 Jonas explains Isak doesn't have friends besides him so he invites him over to the cabin. There, Jonas plays "I'm Yours" upon Isak's request. Throughout the season, Isak is often seen third-wheeling in Jonas and Isak's relationship. By the end of the first season, Isak has managed to create a wedge between Eva and Jonas, because he has a crush on Jonas. In Season 2 they date Sara and Isabel respectively, but remain friends. It is also revealed that they often share accesories. In Season 3 Jonas tries to figure out what is going on with Isak, who is acting differently because he is struggling with his sexuality. When Isak ditches on the boys, and later shoves Mahdi, Jonas is visably concerned. Eventually Isak explains his behaviour by stating it is because of someone he likes. After Isak hints it isn't a girl, Jonas guesses it's about Even, after briefly considering himself. He is supportive when Isak comes out to their other friends, Mahdi and Magnus.





Family relationships




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Isak: Niqab? You can't name the garment 10% of your students wear? Are you racist?
Teacher: What's it called then?
Isak: It's called a hijab
— Isak educating their biology teacher
Hey Mom. I’ve been with a boy. I know you believe in God and that it says in the Bible that it is a sin, but you need not be afraid because it says the well that God has created all in His image and that everyone is equal. I’m sorry if you are sad. Hugs from Isak.
— Isak’s coming out text to his mom
Funny you should ask, because I was going to ask you the same thing for when you have sex. Who's the man and who's the woman. But then I remembered that you don't have sex!
— Isak teasing Magnus
You are not alone
— Isak to Even, S3 E9
The fact that it’s so good when it’s good, is also the reason It’s so bad when it’s bad
— Isak about his relationship with Even
…I want my life to be real. And even though sometimes it’s totally fucked up, it’s better than it being completely fake and boring. It’s a bit cliche to say, but you never know who’s dead tomorrow. And whether you believe in Allah, or Jesus, or The theory of evolution, or Parallel universes, there’s … There’s only one thing we all know for certain…That life is… now..
— Isak to Eva, S3 E10

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Notes and Trivia

  • Isak is one of the only characters to appear in each season's premiere and finale clip.
  • Isak is the male character with the most appearances on the show, and the only male central character



  • Mathias Käki Jørgensen as Isaac in Skam (Danish play)
  • Axel Auriant as Lucas Lallemant in Skam France
  • Michelangelo Fortuzzi as Matteo Florenzi in Druck (Germany)
  • Federico Cesari as Martino Rametta in Skam Italia (Italy)
  • La'Keisha Slade as Shay Dixon in Skam Austin (US)
  • Alejandro Reina as Lucas Rubio in Skam España (Spain)
  • Florian Regtien as Lucas van Der Heijden in Skam NL (The Netherlands)
  • Willem Herbots as Robbe IJzermans in wtFOCK (Belgium)

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