Even Bech Næsheim is a recurring character in Season 3 and Season 4 of Skam. He is a student at Hartvig Nissen School and Isak's boyfriend.

Early life

Even started attending Elvebakken in August 2013 and went there until some point in 2016. He met Elias Bakkoush, Mikael Øverlie Boukhal, Yousef Acar, Adam Malik and Mutasim Tatouti at some point in school there. He tried to kiss Mikael, but the feelings were not reciprocated. This sent him into a downwards spiral. He had to transfer schools and retake his third year.

Even also knew Sana Bakkoush (by being friends with her brother) from before his introduction in Season 3.

Even dated Sonja for several years and still dated her at the beginning of the third season.

Even was diagnosed as bipolar before his introduction in Season 3.

Throughout the Series

Season 3

Season 4


Even is kind and thoughtful. He is artistic, as seen in the drawings he has made for Isak, and the movies he makes. Even cares about his friends, as shown by him asking about the Balloon Squad even though they had been estranged. He has a poetic and spiritual side, as seen several times with his deep thought process. Even has experienced both mania and depression throughout the show, but neither of those define his personality as he is generally good-spirited but realistic.

Physical Appearance

Even has blond hair, blue eyes and fair skin. He is tall and of average build. He often wears a lot of layers.


Romantic relationships

Main article: Even and Isak

Even first noticed Isak on the first day of school but it wasn't until the first Kosegruppa meeting that they met. They hung out the next week and Isak met Even's girlfriend, Sonja, who he brought to the neon pre-party at Isak's. They almost kiss at the party, but get interrupted. The week after that, at halloween, they ditch Emma and Sonja and head out for a bike-ride. They end up at someone's pool, and they kiss. They spend most of the weekend in Isak's room, and back at school they have a talk in the locker room. Isak, unaware of it at the time, pushes Even away by commenting on mental illness. After Even asks for some time, Isak spots him back with Sonja, and Isak is upset about this. He eventually tries to resolve his internal issues by coming out to Jonas, stating Even has been the reason he has been acting strange. He previously also talked about Even to Eskild, and later to Mahdi and Magnus. The boys help Isak reuniting with Even. They have breakfast together the next morning and meet up in the afternoon, after which they decide to check into a hotel where they sleep together. After this Even's mania causes him to leave the room, and Isak meets up with Sonja who tells him Even is manic. He talks about this with Magnus, trying to understand Even's actions. When he is at church with his parents he gets a text from Even, and a concerned Isak rushes to Even at the school. Isak takes Even home with him, and looks out for him during his depressive episode, enlisting the help of the Kollektiv. At the end of the season Even attends the Kosegruppa christmas party, and Isak agrees to Even's proposal to meet his mother.

Sonja is Even's ex-girlfriend. They had been dating for four years prior to Even met Isak, and he started developing feelings for him.


Even and Eskild's friendship grew when Even started spending time at the Kollektiv. Their first run-in was in the bathroom. Their second interaction was after Even and Isak had reunited, and Even was making a bunch of food in the kitchen. Much like playing fifa with Linn, Even was looked out for by Eskild during his depressive episode. Even apparently seems to have changed Eskild's mind about guys leaving their girlfriends for other guys, and the two of them were seen talking at the Kosegruppa christmas party, hanging up the mistletoe.








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"You don't think that's a bit of a superficial generalization? Yeah, it's like saying all Muslims are terrorists."

"Let me overreact. You should’ve known what he has to keep up with for the rest of the 363 days of the year. He's way too good for me."

"Because there's only you and your thoughts, you know. You can't escape your thoughts. The only way is to die."

"I forgot it’s not possible to lose someone. All people are alone anyway."

"You don't think we're not getting married, are you? We're so getting married."

Social Media

He has no social media, but he has hacked Isak's to post photos of the two of them. He also had a Facebook at one point where he posted on his schools page queotes from the quaran about how gay people are bad. This was mentioned by Vilde in season 3 and Yousef in season 4.

Notes and Trivia

  • Even is confirmed to be pansexual. 
  • Even has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder.
  • Even is one of the many artistic people in the skam universe, being able to draw and making movies. It is also assumed he can play the guitar by his many guitars in his room.
  • Henrik Holm, the actor who portrays Even, said he kept several of Even's things including a jacket, his setchbook and a bouncy ball.