I become insecure and desperate, your opinion meant more than mine. That's not how should be.
— Eva

Eva Kviig Mohn is the main character in Season 1 and a recurring character in Season 2, Season 3 and Season 4. She is a student at Hartvig Nissen.

Early life

Eva originally lived in Bergen, Norway, but she moved to Oslo in 7th grade, around the age of 12. Her mother and father are divorced, and Eva lives with her mother, while her father resides in Bergen. Eva lost contact with him when she moved, as he got remarried and his new wife was jealous of his old family.

Eva had been friends with Ingrid for a long time, and stated Ingrid was the only one who took care of her, despite the fact that she talked strangely because of her western Norwegian accent.

However, at the end of 10th grade, Jonas, Ingrid's boyfriend at the time, cheated on Ingrid with Eva, subsequently causing their conflict in Season 1

Throughout the Series

Season 1

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Eva is the central character of Season 1

Tuesday September 22, 2015
Eva is introduced when Jonas is reading his essay and she claps for him, stating it was good. Jonas asks her opinion on it, and if anything needs changing. Eva comments on a part of the essay where he repeats something, but Jonas explains the purpose of that. While he is explaining this the girls from Pepsi Max, Eva's former friends, walk by. A bit distracted, Eva comments 'cleverly written'. Jonas notices and tries to give her a kiss, but they are interrupted by Isak. When Isak asks about her grade, Eva says she doesn't want to talk about it. After Isak reasons he will find out anyways, Eva admits she got a 4 minus. Jonas tries to cheer her up by saying she is good at other things. They share a kiss before Isak says they're leaving. Eva asks where they're going, to which Jonas replies stating they're going to Elias. Eva is left behind on the school yard. Later that night, once she gets home, she starts her social sciences homework, however before she has properly begun she decides to call Jonas. She is checking facebook, scrolling across a picture of Ingrid and Sara while she hears Jonas' phones is turned off. At that moment, Isak calls her on Skype. Eva asks him if he is with Jonas, and when Isak says he isn't, Eva asks if they weren't going to go to Elias. Isak says that was a while ago. Eva proceeds to comment about Sara's lashes on the facebook pictures. Isak comments saying they have started their bus, which they named Pepsi Max, already even though they're only one month into high school. Isak tells Eva that she can just talk to them, and that they don't bite. Before Eva is able to reply much, Jonas knocks on her window. He makes his way into the room and they greet each other with a kiss, before Eva explains she tried to call him. Jonas replies, stating his battery was dead, and Eva wonders why he couldn't charge it at home. Jonas then states he wasn't at home, but with Elias, to which Eva recounts what Isak told her. He asks her if she doesn't trust him, before throwing her on the bed. There he finds her 3 minus essay which he reads out loud, to Eva's annoyance. They kiss again, while Jonas continues to make fun of Eva's essay.

Wednesday September 23, 2015
Eva is at school working on her homework but not making much progress. She looks up to see Ingrid and the other girls from Pepsi Max buying tickets to the 'very first revue party' on Friday. As Eva watches, she is suddenly approached by a girl who asks her if she will be at the at the show. The girl explains that she and her friend are from the theater group and that they want to have Eva in their group. Eva asks what they do in the theater group whereupon the two start reciting a rhyme. The girl informs Eva that they have a pre-party tomorrow and asks if Eva goes to said party. The girl says that Eva has to go to the party since everyone is going and that Eva is a first year and that this will lay the foundation for her social life for the next three years and that Eva should wake up. The girl's tone is quite harsh and Eva stares at her. But then the girl smiles and says that if Eva wants to go to the party, she should add her on facebook. We learn her name is Argentina. Argentina and her friend smile at Eva one last time before leaving. Eva still looks stumped.

Thursday September 24, 2016
Jonas and Eva are on their way to school and Jonas talks about someone and how he thinks that nobody likes him. Eva interrupts him, asking if they can go to the revue party together. Jonas asks why and Eva explains that the whole school is going, and that they are first years. She recites Argentina, saying that this will lay their foundation for their social life. Jonas echoes her in a mocking way. Eva tries to convince Jonas to go, promising that it will be a lot of fun. Jonas thinks for a few moments before he agrees. Eva is happy, but then Jonas imposes the condition that he'll only come if Isak can come to the cabin next week. Eva is visibly upset by this. Jonas explains that he knows it was supposed to just be the two of them, but that Isak will have nothing to do. Jonas offers that Eva can take a friend as well. Eva looks away in embarrassment. Jonas tries to cheer her up with a smile and a kiss. He asks what she thinks of it, and Eva agrees that Isak is allowed to come with them. In that moment, Isak joins them and Jonas tells him that Isak is allowed to come to the cabin. Eva says there is one condition: that the two of them come to the party the next day. Isak says they can't. Jonas asks why and Isak replies they have tickets for Kindred Fever. Jonas says he totally forgot about it and it seems genuine. Eva is annoyed and Jonas assures her that he forgot. But Eva doesn't want to hear it, turns away and continues her walk to school. Jonas and Isak share a look before they follow her. We hear that Jonas tries to talk to Eva but she just keeps walking, Isak behind the two of them.

Friday September 25, 2015
Eva is sitting on her bed and watching something on her laptop. We hear a man and a woman talking. Eva then gets an instagram notification on her phone. She checks it and sees a picture of Ingrid and her friends, drinking and having fun. Eva puts the phone away, getting back to the show. We see the screen and hear the host talking to the woman. He says: "I will not be broken by this. I will stand strong and I will walk out of my history." We see the gears working in Eva's brain as she shuts the laptop. She thinks for a few moments before the music starts. Eva is getting ready for the party. She drinks something and puts on her makeup and clothes. She fixes her hair in front of her mirror before leaving her room. We see that her skirt is stuck in her tights, exposing her underwear. The music stops as Eva turns off the lights. A few seconds later she turns the light on again, going back to the mirror and fixing her skirt. Then she finally heads out. The music starts again and we see people already dancing at the party. Eva enters the room, looking around. She leans against a pole and spots Ingrid and the others and starts watching them. Ingrid now spots Eva as well but looks away. Eva still watches. Suddenly Argentina turns up and gives Eva a hug. She starts dancing in front of Eva. Argentina's friend joins them as well. Eva kind of dances along but looks over at Ingrid again, who heads to the bar, alone. Eva indicates that she'll head to the bar and joins Ingrid there. When Ingrid becomes aware of Eva next to her, she looks away. Eva tries to talk to Ingrid before finally telling her that she misses her. Ingrid seems unaffected by this. Eva asks Ingrid to say something. Ingrid insults Eva, saying that she looks like a slut. Eva's mouth hangs open as Ingrid leaves with one of her friends. Suddenly another voice speaks up and Eva turns around to find a girl with shoulder-length blonde hair behind her. The girl introduces herself as Noora. She goes on to tell Eva that according to studies, girls who call other girls slut have a 90% higher chance of getting chlamydia. Eva asks if Noora is serious which she denies, but she says if would be cool if it were true. Eva smiles at her in a disbelieving way before Noora leaves. Eva is in the bathroom, trying to take off her eye makeup. She hears a girl crying and it turns out to be one of Ingrid's friends. Eva asks if she's okay and if she can get a friend. The girl asks for Chris. Eva searches for the person and finally returns with Chris to the restroom. The girl is talking to another girl from Ingrid's group when Eva comes back. It turns out that both the boy and the other girl are names Chris. After realizing her mistake, Eva and Chris leave. Christoffer calls after Eva as she leaves, calling her a dicktease.

Sunday September 27, 2015
On sunday afternoon Eva is on facebook, and she goes to look at Noora's profile. After going through the profile for a bit, Eva sends a friend request. She then gets a call from her mom, who tells her she won't be in town until tomorrow. Eva states she will be going to the cabin then. Eva lies stating she is going to Ingrid's cabin with Ingrid and Sara. When her mom suggests waiting a day so she could drive them, Eva says she has been looking forward to the trip for over a month so she doesn't want to delay. When discussing her return from the cabin, Eva's mom says she will already have left again by then but she states she will wire some more money and wishes them fun at the cabin.

Monday September 28, 2015
As they leave for the cabin, Eva posts a picture of her and Jonas, with part of the caption saying 'Fuck you Oslo losers'. Almost 3 hours later she posts a picture saying they have arrived at the cabin and in the evening she posts a cuddly picture of her and Jonas by the lake with the caption reading "#inlove"

Tuesday September 29, 2015
On tuesday morning Eva and Jonas are in bed making out, when Isak walks in on them. Jonas jokingly agrees with Eva when she suggests sending him home, before they hear Isak singing 'Lonely'. When checking the time, Eva takes the wrong phone from the nightstand and she spots a text from Ingrid on Jonas' phone. A while later, Eva's mom texts her asking how things are going at the cabin, in the assumption Eva is there with Ingrid and Sara. Her mom comments about how it sounds quiet without her. Eva replies everything is nice, stating they are eating breakfast and that they are having a good time, ending the text with 'hugs'. In the afternoon she posts a video of Jonas losing at monopoly. Around dinnertime, a picture appears of Isak and Jonas in aprons. In the caption, Eva jokingly asks who looks best.

Wednesday September 30, 2015
On wednesdaynight, the trio is sitting by the water on the rocks, and Jonas is playing his guitar. Eva defends Isak when Jonas calls 'I'm yours' a gay song. When Jonas receives a text, Eva asks who it's from, insisting a second time when he doesn't reply at first. When Jonas walks off, Eva asks Isak about Jonas and Ingrid. Isak tells her she should ask Jonas and asks her why she is wondering. Eva explains she saw the text notification. Eva presses Isak to tell her, knowing he knows what is going on. She promises not to get angry and that she won't tell Jonas he snitched. Isak only tells her that Jonas and Ingrid talk a little. The mood lightens again when Jonas plays 'I'm Yours' anyways.

Thursday October 1, 2015
While Jonas and Isak are playing a Trivial Pursuit, Eva is reading a book in the living room. She checks her phone, and goes to cancel the friend request she sent to Noora, but closes the pop-up screen for confirmation, leaving the friend request as it is.

When Isak asks Eva one of the questions (Who is the first female prime minister of Norway), Eva states she is not joining, continuing to read her book. Jonas whispers she can't answer, earning an annoyed look from Eva. Eva says she does, and that she just doesn't want to join. Isak tells her to just answer the question so they won't nag anymore. Eva gives the wrong answer, and when the boys start laughing she tells them 'Fuck you guys'. Jonas notices Eva's mood and ask her why she is so pissed, moving over to join her on her couch. Eva shoves him off however, saying she is not pissed but she thinks Trivial Pursuit is boring.

When Jonas asks her what she wants to play instead, Eva says she just wants to read. Jonas insists, and Eva suggests they play 'My ship is loaded with'. When they settle to play the game, Eva starts saying "My ship is loaded with Ingrid." Eva and Jonas exchange a look, before Jonas averts the subject by stating 'my ship is loaded with Erna Sjolberg, Eva's answer from earlier'. Eva doesn't think it's funny and they proceed to play the game with proper answers untill a loud bang interrupts them.

When Eva and Isak follow Jonas outside, they spot Elias. He greets her, stating he likes the atmosphere at the cabin and that it will be a party. After Jonas explains the sleeping arrangements Elias and Isak head inside leaving Eva and Jonas outside. Jonas explains Elias asked if he could come, asking Eva 'What should I have said?' to which Eva just stares back at him before going inside.

Friday October 2, 2015
Eva is making dinner while Jonas and Elias are jamming in the living room. Isak is helping her by setting the table. When Jonas and Elias move over to the kitchen, Eva lets Jonas taste the food before Jonas tells her they're going to have a smoke. Eva comments Jonas doesn't smoke, and when Elias replies with "It's a party" Jonas just repeats after him, before heading outside.

Once Eva has cooked dinner she calls for the guys. When they don't reply for a while she goes outside, looking for them, which is when Jonas scares her from behind the wall. Eva comments saying it's not funny, before they head inside for dinner. When Jonas offers for her to plate him up, Eva says he is able to do it himself. When Jonas asks her why she is so pissed all the time, Eva says it's because he's behaving like a jerk. Jonas asks her what he did (to be called a jerk) to which Eva argues he invited people over to a cabin trip that was supposed to be just the two of them, and that he completely changes personalities when Elias is around. Finally she adds he is texting Ingrid behind her back.

Jonas denies going behind her back talking to Ingrid, but when Eva says she knows, he goes on to say they were texting about French. They go back and forth about this with Eva asking 'During fall break' to which Jonas replies they have homework for after the break. Eva argues that if it's about French, she could read the messages. Jonas asks her why, and Eva argues he can read hers. When Jonas asks if they have to read eachother's messages to trust eachother, Eva replies with yes. When Jonas comments saying that is ridiculous, Eva counters with 'This is ridiculous' getting up from the table.

Jonas follows her up and they repeat the argument, with Jonas sticking to the fact that it's about school and saying it's ridiculous that she wants to read his messages. When he asks her why she doesn't trust him, Eva just walks away from him into the bedroom. She lays on the bed, pondering, before she takes her phone where she sees the accepted friend request from Noora.

Saturday October 3, 2015
Jonas and Eva return from the cabin and are seen getting off the bus. As they say goodbye, Jonas says he will call her later to which Eva replies a simple 'yeah'. Jonas notices Eva is still distant and goes in for a kiss, then continues to apologize. Jonas tells Eva he wouldn't have invited the guys had he known how important the cabin trip was. Eva counters by saying she didn't know it was not important to him, but he argues that it's also important for him to spend time with his friends. Something that used to be important to Eva too. Eva says it is important to her, but not as important as Jonas' friends.

Jonas says he said Eva could bring her friends and during an uncomfortable silence it becomes clear that it's not an easy subject. Jonas goes on to say something, but Eva finishes his sentence implying he meant to say she needs to get new friends. Jonas says it's not what he wanted to say, but Eva states that it's what he's thinking. Jonas admits he doesn't know what the right answer is, and Eva advises him to be completely honest. Agreeing on honesty, Jonas says Eva is the coolest girl he knows, and he calls her pretty, sweet, smart and funny. Jonas says he doesn't know what the problem is, and he smiles at her encouragingly while telling her to get new friends. He finishes by saying anyone who gets to be Eva's friend is really lucky. Eva jokes about how he didn't know what to say, and Jonas claims he nailed his speech. Eva agrees, and then they kiss.

Eva then gets home and finds a note from her mom with some money. Eva then proceeds to open her computer and she goes to message Noora. She types in several messages, including 'Congratulations on having me as a friend' and 'Hey girl! Whats up' before deleting them. She accidentally sends a H and then goes to correct it to "Hi, is what I meant" and explaining the typo. Noora sends her a thumbs up emoji in return.

Monday October 5, 2015

The next Monday Eva is at school and she arrives in Spanish class. She spots Noora sitting by the window, and intends to take the seat next to her until a guy pops up and sits next to Noora instead. Eva goes to sit on the front desk in the middle of the classroom. After Noora decides she doesn't want to sit next to the guy, she changes seats to sit next to Eva.

Noora greets her with 'Hi' and then jokingly corrects to 'H' which makes them both laugh. The spanish teacher then enters and mentions they will be working on their assignments from fall break, to which Eva asks if they had homework to do during their break. Noora confirms and mutters 'fuck' before the teacher asks her about the assignment. Eva is flustered so Noora leans in to whisper the answer to her, and Eva responds the answer to the teacher

When the teacher comments on Noora answering for Eva, Noora replies by saying Eva hadn't found her homework yet and that she was just helping. Noora also notes that the teacher asked the question the wrong way, and corrects the teacher. When Eva is somewhat staring at Noora, Noora explains she lived in Madrid. When Noora explains it's the reason why she doesn't have any friends, Eva smiles a bit awkwardly, before Noora asks her what her excuse is. Eva jokingly replies 'strong body odor'.

Tuesday October 6, 2015
The next day around lunch Eva is hanging out in the corridor with Jonas and Isak when Vilde and Chris walk by. Vilde thanks Eva for last time (at the revue fest). She introduces herself, saying she doesn't remember greeting Eva properly because she was a little out of it. Eva says it was nothing.

When Vilde proceeds to ask Eva if she has a Russ bus already, Vilde gets visibly excited and she tells Eva that it's perfect because they just rented a completely new bus and they really want Eva to join. Eva says she hasn't really started thinking about Russefeiring, to which Vilde clarifies that it is really important to think about it. Vilde adds in 'I don't know what it's like in Trondheim', implying Eva is from there. She says that in Oslo people have to start planning really early if not to end up on a bad bus or becoming a gå-russ (non-russ).

Vilde continues her speech saying how Russ isn't just about Russ time but also about being social and unity. At Vilde's request, Chris pitches in explaining to Eva how Russ is to be compared with a sect: once you're in, you can't get out, and she proceds to explain that there is a collective suicide in Tryvann on the 17th of May (the National Day) in their graduating year, 2018. This amuses Eva.

Vilde clarifies Chris is only joking, and asks Eva if she would want to join the bus meeting Friday after school. Eva agrees eventually, and Vilde respons by saying Eva can take her friends friends if she has them. They agree to see eacho ther then, before Chris and Vilde walk on. Once they're gone, Eva asks 'What is it' when Jonas and Isak start laughing. Jonas explains what Chris was doing.

Thursday October 7, 2015
On Thursday around 2PM, Eva is standing by the announcement board when Noora walks up to her. She jokes about the poster, and then asks about her plans for Friday. Before Eva can reply, Vilde walks up to them. Eva introduces Noora and Vilde.

When Vilde asks her if she talked to Chris, and Eva replies she hasn't, Vilde states the bus meeting can't go on at Chris' house because her mom is having a wine reception. Vilde explains hers isn't an option either, before asking if they could have it at Eva's. Eva agrees, but asks how many people would be coming.

Vilde tells Eva there will be 3 people, given Noora declined Vilde's request to join. In the moment Chris walks up to them and introduces the three other girls to Sana. EVa and Noora exchange a look when Vilde makes a comment about Sana being Muslim and Muslims not being allowed to join a bus.

When Sana inquires to when the meeting will take place, Chris asks who's hosting and Eva replies she is. Eva watches Sana walk off after explaining she will put Eva's adress in her gps.

Eva stands by as Vilde says she doesn't want Sana in their group. When Noora comments she will join if Sana does, Vilde walks off and Eva smiles at Noora.

Friday October 8, 2015
At the bus meeting Vilde explains her plan to the girls, but Sana soon takes the wheel explaining Vilde's plan is a waste of time.

Sana mentions how they're the losers at the school and they should acknowledge that. Sana then explains they need to recruit more girls, and to do that they need to gain credibility. Sana's plan includes asking the girls if they know any '97 guys, to which an abscence of replies suggests that they don't.

Sana explains they need to find out which 97'ers have the best bus, and get themselves invited to them by hooking up with them. Sana specifically mentions the other girls, saying she herself won't hook up. Sana then asks if any of the girls have boyfriends, and again everyone but Eva replies they don't.

Eva replies she does have a boyfriend and when Sana asks how old he is, Eva explains he is a 99'er like them. When Sana suggests her to dump him, Noora pitches in saying they can't use their sexuality in exchange for credibility.

Sana then explains how it's their Norwegian culture, and that they should try to change it instead of critisize it. Vilde comments how it's a bit much to ask Eva to break up with her boyfriend. Sana replies saying it was just a suggestion, and that Eva can think for herself because she is not a child. As theg group processes everything, Sana comments how she thinks the meeting went well.

Saturday October 10, 2015
Eva is in bed with Jonas. She tries to wake him up by touching his face and opening his eyes. When he wakes up, she greets him and asks if he slept well. Jonas says he had a nightmare and Eva asks what it was about. He says she was wearing red cloths and that she was drunk and singing "Tonight it's allowed to be a whore".

Jonas then complains about Russetiden, saying that he doesn't understand it and that it's capitalist. Eva interrupts him with "blablabla" ad then tells Jonas Sana suggested dumping him. He asks if she did, and Eva says yes to which Jonas scoffs. He claims Eva wouldn't manage without him for a minute. He repeatedly claims she couldn't, before he leans in to kiss her.

Then, Eva's mother calls and Eva pushes Jonas out of her bed and out of sight. Eva's mother comes in and suggests Eva they have breakfast together. When she leaves the room, Jonas comes out and leaves.

Monday October 12, 2015
Eva is walking onto the schoolyard reading a text from her mom asking about a bad grade she noticed. Then Vilde calls for her, saying she doesn't think Sana fits their bus group. Eva says she's being a bit strict. They are interrupted by Sana and Chris who walk up to them.

Penetrator Chris then walks by them and greets Eva, which confuses Sana since Eva claimed she didn't know any '97 guys. Sana explains Chris is on a bus with William, and Vilde gets excited. When Eva asks who he is, Vilde wonders if she really doesn't know about him. She then explains William is the most handsome and coolest guy in all of third year. Sana points him out across the schoolyard, where he is walking with his friends.

Sana then asks Eva to follow Chris on Instagram. Eva asks why, and Vilde says "So you can get to know him." to which Eva replies she has a boyfriend. When Sana says that's becoming a problem, Vilde says they don't have to hook up, just know each other so that the crew gets invited to the parties their bus organizes. Eva sarcastically says Jonas will agree and respect that. Vilde doesn't understand the sarcasm, and says "Yes! So follow him."

Sana then takes Eva's phone and follows Chris, liking all his pictures. Eva takes her phone back and Sana says she should filrt with him if he texts her.

Tuesday October 13, 2015
Eva, Jonas and Isak are on the bus home. Jonas asks if they'll go to Eva's, but she suggests they go to his. Jonas informs Isak that Eva doesn't want to tell her mom they're together. When Isak asks why, Jonas says "She's embarrassed of me." which Eva denies. She says she just doesn't want them to meet when he's lying in her bed. Eva then texts P-Chris while Jonas talks about having dinner with her mom. Eva agrees and they plan to have dinner on Friday, while still texting Chris. Eva says she's texting Vilde. Isak wonders why she's on a bus and Eva says she just changed her mind about them.

Thursday October 15, 2015
Eva joins the girls and tells them they've been invited to the Penetrators' party. Vilde and Chris are amazed, while Sana and Noora are impressed. When they're planning how to buy the alcohol, Eva says she can take a bottle of wine from her mom. Vilde says she can't take alcohol from her house and then asks if she can share with Eva. Sana interrupts her, saying she talks too much. Sana leaves then and Vilde complains about her, saying she is a complete psycho.

Friday October 16, 2015
The girls walk up to the party. P-Chris greets them by the door, but he only pays attention to Eva. Inside, they notice the girls from Pepsi Max are also there. Vilde goes over to greet them, and Eva asks if they weren't the girls who kicked Vilde out. Then Eva asks Noora not lo leave her becuase she thinks she will either get assaulted by Chris or killed by the Pepsi Max girls.

When Noora gets a call, Eva is left alone. She notices she has 3 missed calls from Jonas, when Chris sits down next to her. He greets her and Chris asks if the girls are party of her crew, explaining what he means asking if they are on a bus together. Eva says they aren't, and that she's not going to be a Russ. Eva says she thinks Russetiden is lame, because it's capitalistic and governed by market forces. Chris is impressed and calls her brainy. He then says he likes it, though, and says he thinks it's hot.

Eva then notices Sana throwing a drink at the Pepsi Max girls and she walks after her. The other girls follow and Vilde, who was making out with William, follows after them.

Season 2

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Season 3

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Sunday October 2, 2016 (1.05AM) In the first episode of Season 3 Eva hosts a party at her house. She is seen making out with Christoffer Schistad and get briefly interupted by vilde who points out the first year girls. Monday October 4, 2016 (11.40AM) Isak calls for Eva and uses the excuse that he forgot his sweater at her place to get the stash back from Eva's house. Eva says she saw the messages and that she will look for it. When Isak insists he comes to her house because he knows what it looks like, Eva asks him to just describe it and Isak tells her it's a black sweater. Eva replies 'Got it' before her, Vilde and Sana walk off. Friday October 7, 2016 (7.15PM) Vilde, Sana and Eva welcome people at the first Kosegruppa meeting. When Vilde comments on Kasper joining, Eva says it will go fine. Vilde then goes around and makes a little opening speech, before the three of them introduce themselves. They then start a kosegruppa love-exercise.

Friday October 21, 2016 (7.20PM) Eva is at the pregame hosted by Isak. She rallies everyone after the pregame, stating they have ordered 4 cabs which are waiting for them outside.

Season 4

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Physical Appearance

In Season 1, Eva has long, wavy auburn hair. From Season 2 onward, her hair is a bit longer than her shoulders. She has fair skin and grey eyes. She is of average build and height. Her style is casual with vans, plaid or jean shirts, big scarfs and beanies.


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Romantic relationships

Eva and Christoffer 'Chris' Schistad started out flirting over Instagram messages, with Eva trying to get the girl squad into a Penetrator party. Because Eva was still dating Jonas at this point, she often pretended she was texting Vilde or calling her mom when Jonas asked. Eva eventually got the girls to the party, where she asked Noora not to leave her alone with Chris. The two of them end up alone on the couch after all, and Chris comments on Eva's mentality about russ. Their next main interaction is at the Halloween party, where Eva is crying under the assumption that Jonas was with Ingrid. Chris walks in and hangs up his phone call to comfort her. Eva, hurt by Jonas assumed betrayal, kisses Chris. She stops things before they get too far, and shortly afterwards Chris' girlfriend Iben walks in. Iben eventually finds out about their hooking up after Eva told Isak and Isak told Iben, which causes Iben to slap and fight Eva in the school yard. Eva is miserable and her hooking up with Chris labels her as a slut in the school. However after a while she makes up with Iben, who dumped Chris. There is an altercation where Jonas shoves Chris as he walks by them. The two fight, and William has to interfere. In Season Two, Eva and Noora investigate if Isak and Chris might have a thing, after Noora saw them in Chris' car together. To test the theory, Eva decides to hook up with Chris at the riot bus party. In Season Three, Chris and Eva are making out at the party in her house, as well as at the party at Emma's. They're together on the Kosegruppa Christmas party, although their relationship is undefined.

Main article: Eva and Jonas
Eva and Jonas started dating before the start of the series. As revealed in Season 1, their relationship started with Jonas cheating on Ingrid with Eva. Later on, in upper secondary school, they continued their relationship. Despite appearing very happy and in love, Eva is suspicious of Jonas when she sees a text message from Ingrid at the cabin. Their relationship continues but secrets between the two of them start to weigh, especially on Eva when she kisses Christoffer Schistad at the Halloween party. Eventually they break up with Eva choosing to put herself first. In Season 2 they seem to have a good continuation of their friendship, with Eva helping Jonas with his love life. However soon after Eva is seen upset because Jonas didn't tell her he was dating Isabell, stating they were still friends and he should've told her. By the end of Season 2 and leading into Season 3 they remain amicable and they stay in touch through their mutual friends.


Eva and Noora met each other at the revue party in the beginning of the first school year at Hartvig Nissen, after Eva was trying to talk to Ingrid. Afterwards, Eva sent Noora a friend request on Facebook, which Noora accepted during fall break. After the fall break, Eva and Noora saw each other in Spanish class, and Noora ended up sitting next to Eva and help her, after she forgot to do her homework. Vilde invites both Eva and Noora to join the Russ-bus, and their friendship eventually grew stronger.
The girls are supportive towards each other, when it comes to dealing with bullying, trouble with love, and also were the first ones to discover that Isak possibly was gay.

Eva and Vilde met each other at the revue party in the beginning of the first school year. Eva noticed that Vilde was crying in the bathroom, and Eva asked if she could do anything for her. When they met again after the fall break, Vilde asked Eva to join the Russ-bus, alongside with Chris, an if they could do the "Bus meeting" at her house.

Although Eva and Sana did not have the best start, as Sana asked Eva to break up with her then-boyfriend Jonas, to hook up with one of the third year students, they eventually became better friends during the seasons.


Ingrid and Eva used to be best friends when they both attended Grefsen school. Ingrid was Eva's first friend in Oslo, after she moved there from Bergen, and alongside with Sara, they were a trio, until Eva started flirting with Jonas, Ingrid's then-boyfriend.


Family relationships

Although Eva lives with her mother, her mother is always traveling, and due to that, they barely see each other. During the first season, while Eva was dating Jonas, Eva's mother wanted to invite Jonas over for a dinner, to get to know him. However something would always get in the way.

Not too much is known about the relationship between Eva and her father. Eva's parents got divorced, and Eva's father re-married. Eva and her father have little contact.


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And so I became insecure and desperate. Your opinion meant more than my own. That’s not how it should be.
— Eva to Jonas about her selfworth
I am mine, before anyone else’s
— {{{2}}}

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Notes and Trivia

  • Lisa Teige, who portrays Eva, is also from Bergen.


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