This Editing Guide is an official Skam Wikia policy regarding editing articles on the Wikia. The guide is intended to make the wikia consistent, organised and clear and to help editors with language, layout, etc.

In situations the Editing Guide does not cover, please contact an Administrator for guidance. Issues or suggestions regarding the Editing Guide can be discussed in the Suggestions forum.

Before editing or posting on this wiki, please review the Policies first. Be aware that any content posted here will likely be edited at some point by other users. Everyone is working together to make the Skam Wiki better. Please do not take offense.

Any user violating one of these rules with be given a warning by one of the Admins. Multiple offences can result in being banned from the wiki. If you would like to report an offence, please contact the Admins as well.


  • Correct spelling and grammar is to be used on the articles.
  • This is an international wikia, so English is used on this wikia. Typical norwegian nouns and content (such as The Kollektiv or Russ) will be explained in English. The norwegian noun will be used as article pagenames for accuracy.
    • Commas and periods go inside quotation marks.
    • Dates are written in American format: Month DD, YYYY.
  • The serial comma is used.
  • Numbers under ten should be spelled out.
  • Avoid making multiple edits on an article at a time. Editing errors are understandable. Making edits to boost achievement points is not okay.
    • Use the "Preview" button before making the edit to ensure everything is the way it should be.

Perspective and Tense

  • All articles are written in third person.
  • All articles are written in present tense.
  • Articles should be informative, unbiased, and factual rather than speculative. Articles should not include personal opinion.

Special Formatting

  • Titles of pages should be in bold (i.e. Eva Kviig Mohn).
    • If known, characters full names should be used as pagenames
    • Relationship pages should have alphabetical name order (f.e. Even and Isak instead of Isak and Even) to generate consistency.
  • Episode titles are used as minor headings in the Throughout the Series and Quotes sections to easily identify episodes and should be written in italics and in bold.
    • This is not needed when used as a reference.
  • The show name should be written in italics (i.e. Skam).
  • Title Case is used on page names and second-level subheadings (Early Life, Throughout the Series, etc...).
  • Information that is covered elsewhere more thoroughly should be linked with a brief summary. For example Hartvig Nissen School/Russefeiring: The Russ busses who have their own page can have a brief summary on under this section, but the full information should go on the seperate page. This is in order to reduce page/size and avoid duplicate conent.
    • Usage of {{main}} is required.
  • Proper nouns are capitalized (The Penetrators, Oslo, Norway, etc...).
  • When a proper noun is always referred to with its definite article (f.e. The Penetrators), include it in the article title. Otherwise, omit it or create a redirect to the simplified version.


  • Avoid linking to the current page.
    • Captions on pictures are excluded.
    • Quotes sections on Character articles are excluded.
  • To prevent over-linking, link something only once per section of the article. A single thing may be linked 1 to 4 times per page.


  • If an event occurs in the show, it does not need a reference.
  • Please try to include a link to the original source where possible.
    • If you do not have a reference or one is missing, please put "[Citation needed]."
  • References must be from a valid source (not a personal blog on tumblr or a spoiler speculation site). If you're unsure about a source, contact an admin.

Article Layout

All articles should have section that summarizes the subject of the article, unless otherwise stated, and the applicable infobox template if one exists. These are the clean layouts for each page, templates will not be shown here. To search through all templates, click here: Special:Templates


See Isak as an example.

For characters, the following layout should be used:

== Early life ==
== Throughout the Series ==
== Personality ==
== Physical Appearance ==
== Relationships ==
== Appearances ==
== Quotes ==
== Social Media ==
== Notes and Trivia ==
== Gallery ==
== See Also ==
== References ==


See Eva and Jonas as an example.<
For relationships, the following layout should be used:

== Summary ==
== Throughout the Series ==
== Quotes ==
== Notes and Trivia ==
== Gallery ==
== See Also ==
== References ==


See The Kollektiv as an example.
For locations, the following layout should be used:

== History ==
== Residents ==
=== Current ===
=== Former ===
== Notes and Trivia ==
== Gallery ==
== See Also ==
== References ==


See The Penetrators as an example.
Subject to change depending on group type.
For group, the following layout should be used:

== History ==
== Members ==
== Notes and Trivia ==
== Gallery ==
== See Also ==
== References ==


See Season 1 as an example.
For season, the following layout should be used:

== Plot ==
== Cast and Characters ==
=== Main Cast ===
=== Recurring Cast ===
=== Minor Cast ===
== Episodes ==
== Media ==
=== Images ===
=== Video ===
=== Music ===
== Production and Development ==
== Notes and Trivia ==
== References ==


See Season 1, Episode 1 as an example.
For episodes, the following layout should be used:

== Summary ==
== Content ==
=== Clips ===
=== Texts ===
=== Social Media ===
== Cast ==
== Quotes ==
== Multimedia ==
=== Music ===
=== Images ===
== Notes and Trivia ==
== See Also ==
== References ==


Templates are used for a variety of different reasons. Many of which give and article a more professional look. In order to achieve this, there are several templates that can be used.

Below, you will find a list of every template and which article they should appear on.

General Templates

Click 'expand' to see the templates.

Appearances Templates

Click 'expand' to see the templates.

Infobox Templates

Click 'expand' to see the templates.


Categories are used to group articles with similar content, thereby making it easier to connect the information gathered in the wiki. When an article has a category it allows users to find it, and realize that it is part of that group, gender, or other specific type of classification. Every article should have at least one category attached to it.

There are two types of ways to add categories to an article:

  1. Go to the bottom of the article and click on the box "Add category". Type in the correct name and hit "enter". After select "Save".
  2. Go to the top of the article and click on the button "Edit". On the edit screen, on the right hand side, you'll see "Categories". Type in the correct name and hit "enter". After select "Publish".

Be careful removing categories, they were put there for a reason. Removing categories repeatedly can result in a ban on this wiki. However, perhaps you made an error or want to correct someone else error.

  • To remove a category, click the "Edit" button at the top of an article. On the edit screen, on the right hand side, you'll see boxes with a article's categories. Click on the little trash can next to the name of the category that you wish to remove. After select "Publish".

Please note that if more than one category applies, place both.

The only categories to appear on Files are SMS (short for Social Media Screenshot) and Text to indicate screenshots from the social media accounts or text messages between the characters.

To see a full list of Categories click here.


Click 'expand' to see the categories.


Click 'expand' to see the categories.


Click 'expand' to see the categories (cross-overs are possible with these categories).


Click 'expand' to see the categories.


Media is defined as any sort of image on the wiki, including user pages.

User pages are a way for users to express themselves, and therefore, are allowed to contain images unrelated to Skam, as long as they are not:

  • Sexual/explicitly graphic
  • Inappropriate
  • Fanmade (see above policy)
  • Gifs not from the wiki
  • Containing inappropriate language
  • Considered offensive in any way

File extensions and naming conventions

  • Due to .PNG file's lossless compression, they are the preferred file type. However, .JPG files, while secondary, are also encouraged on the wiki.
  • Please make sure all file names include a description of the image (i.e. "Vilde.jpg" or "NooraSeason2.jpg").
    • Filenames are prefered to be written without spaces. Try to use underscore (_) instead of a space.
  • Usage of gifs is avoided on the Wikia to avoid copyright claims. This goes for other content from places such as tumblr, etc. Only include these type of media if you have permission by the artist and you can credit them.
    • A list of accepted gif can be found here.

Copyright Policies

  • Images on Skam Wiki are allowed by the Fair Use Doctrine of the United States Fair Use Law. This states that non-free images on this wiki are for educational or informational use only.
  • Due to copyright, we do not allow images that are watermarked by anyone other than NRK.
    • This includes but not limited to: Spoiler TV, Zap2it, ksitetv, and any other website that features Skam pictures.

Image Usage

  • Due to copyright issues and appearances, Skam Wiki prefers to use images sparingly. Exact duplicates or images with very similar content will be removed to avoid acess images.
  • Continued violations of this policy will result in admin intervention or blocking of the user in question.

Image Relevance

  • With the exception of user pages, images published on Skam Wikia without relevancy to the show or the cast and crew will be deleted.
  • All photos must be relevant to the page where it is posted, and it's title.
  • An exception is photos relating to our affiliates, such as logos, which should only be uploaded by admins.


  • We strive for high-quality images. Stretched or blurry images will be immediately deleted.
  • Cropping and alterations of light or color are permitted only when they enhance or better communicate the picture message.
    • For example, if an image contains a large amount of empty space around the main focal point, cropping the picture may enhance the image, and offer clarity on the subject.
  • Watermarks are only permitted when no images are available without watermarks. When non-watermarked images are available, they are the preferred image type.
  • Images can be replaced when a better version of the image exists. The replaced image must be identical to the previous image.


  • Due to copyright issues, fan art is not permitted anywhere on Skam Wiki. Fanart for user pages must be approved by an admin, and must be of the users own making.
    • This policy will be strictly enforced.
  • Fanart is defined as any drastically edited images, graphics, and fan videos.


  • Only videos released by NRK or videos containing official, exclusive content, of or relating to Skam are permitted.
  • Fan videos are NOT permitted, as addressed in the above policy.